My favorite Christmas tree is up

lynnencfanDecember 1, 2010

This tree with the exception of the mini lights is decorated entirely with family homemade ornaments. It is not a flashy tree as some of my others are but this one means the world to me and the family. The ornaments span 45 years and 4 generations. This is a bittersweet Christmas because I know there will never be a NEW ornament from our mother and she was the one who gave me my first handmade ornament and instilled my love of crafting. Every year is a trip down memory lane :) ......


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Lynne, this is my favorite kind of tree. None of the flashy decorator style trees come close. My mom had kept tons of mine and my sisters handmade ornaments for years and it was so special to put them on the tree each year. Imagine how we grieved when they were all ruined in a flood!! For some reason I don't have many handmade ornaments from my girls, but you've inspired me to get them working. I'll be putting them up on my "fancy" tree too. Enjoy all your memories!!

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Bleigh - up until 3 years ago most of these were on our 'big tree' but I found I was putting less and less on each year because of the quantity - I decided that they needed their own tree. Mom would want to be wheeled over to the tree and would spend most of her time in the wheelchair looking at that tree and talking about the ornaments - pretty special moments that I will always cherish :)


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It is a lovely tree and I love the handmade ornies. I have the same little crystal mice and the crosstitched ornaments that I made too. I try to make something new each year, but only use a few on my tree.

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That is beautiful and my favorite kind of tree!
Thanks for sharing with us.

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A "Memory Tree", that is the best kind! Such a sweet story about your Mom in her wheelchair by the tree and remembering with each ornament. That is definitely a treasured memory for you! (did you by chance ever take a photo of her there? If so, you could add a small framed picture to the tree.)

I envy you, and others, who have this kind of tree. There were never handmade ornaments, or even special bought ornaments, handed down to me. Not a single one, if so I'd sure have treasured it. Traditions and memories are such a special part of Christmas I think, so all of you lucky enough to have them are truly blessed.

hugs, Karen

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Karen - that is a wonderful idea - I will have to check back photos and see - I also think I should frame small photos of every family member that has contributed to the tree - uuummmmm - that will be my new ornaments for the tree this year - Thanks for the idea Karen and thank you all for the compliments .....


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lynne...this is such a lovely tree and the sentiments that go with it are priceless. I know what you mean about going down 'Memory Lane' when you take out decorations and yes, it is bittersweet, but I guess it's something we have to accept as part of life ...right?
I think the best part is being able to pass down traditions like these and know they will go on and on.
Your tree is really a 'Family Treasure'.


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The perfect kind of tree. A treasure indeed only seen the one time a year.
I think devoting them to their own special tree makes the sentiment even more lovely.

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Lynne, What a lovely tree, so full of treasures and wonderful memories. I hope you can find a picture of your Mom to go with it.

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Lynne, how wonderful that you want to keep DM's ornaments out so all can enjoy. I still use alot of DM's on mine. Sentimental ol' gals, we are. What a pretty way to frame the tree with the garland and sign. Pretty Christmas pillow too.


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Wonderful tree decor, lynne! Yes, fun to re-live the memories as you hang the ornies...(that doesn't sound as good as "ornaments" ...but that's the shortcut I've seen on here.) LOL!

PM's idea is is fun to have out old pics ...wherever...I use snow snowflake photo clip-stands & put a few old B&W's from our family Christmas' of DH's side & mine..& I have a old window (from my sis' farmhouse that was torn down) that I put our family pics in from over the years & mount on the wall for the winter season. Love using family pics!

Also a fun way is to print a B&W on a "mylar" (clear plastic) a fav pic...cut out circle, wrap around pencil to insert in a glass ball...add a little snow glittery & it's a clear pic in a glass ball! I've done several of those for gifts. Have fun & TFS your family tree! Jeanne S.

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That's a great idea to have them all on a special tree. I'm sure lots of the family members love to come and look at them and remember who made them and look for the ones they've made themselves as well.

I like Karen's idea too, might have to try to pull out some old photos and make a few of those too.

Jeanne, you always do such neat things with your photos and vintage cards. I love seeing your displays.


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What a great idea! I agree with everyone else, it's a special tree that doesn't need all the bells and whistles on it.

The tree speaks volumes of pure LOVE. :)

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How wonderful that you recognize the significance of that tree of yours and treasure it, Lynne I love trees like this. The main tree in our living room is like that, too. We call it, "The Story of Us" tree. . . and it is :~)

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