Any Regrets Over Switching from Gas to Induction?

nadianycJuly 24, 2013

I've been cooking on a Viking range for 10 years and am considering switching to an induction cook top. Any regrets getting the induction top? What, if anything, do you miss about gas cooking?

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A previous thread if no one responds.

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I don't miss anything at all. I had gas for about a decade before I switched to induction (Miele), no looking back, no regrets.

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Do check out that thread. The actual title is "Does Anyone Here Who Went Induction Regret Your Choice?" It is a long thread but you'll find that nobody there who actually bought an induction appliance had any regrets about switching from gas. Except a couple of people mentioned missed warming their hands while heating a teakettle over gas flames on cold winter mornings.

Also, check out this earlier thread about anyone who switched wishing they had not switched from gas to induction.

When you say you are considering switching to an "induction cooktop," did you mean you are looking for a range with induction burners or did you mean that you are thinking about getting a drop-in cooktop and separate ovens?

If you are looking for a range, I'll offer a point for you to consider. The pro-style cooktop on your old Viking, with widely spaced burners and a thin backsplash/vent at the back, offers the convenience of running four large pots and pans at the same time. The stovetop space on most induction ranges is more constrained with slightly narrower (i.e., industry standard) burner spacing and a thick backsplash/vent/rear control panel. You might think that the GE and Electrolux/Kenmore slide-in models (the only ones currently available) would offer more room because they do not have the thick backsplash. However, it turns out that their glass cooking surfaces are actually a bit less deep than on the freestanding versions.

If you do not regularly use four large pots together --- for example, two 12" skillets and two 12" diameter stock pots --- then this will be a matter of indifference to you.

If you want an induction with the room of a pro-style stovetop, there seem to be only two current induction range choices. The $5k Dacor Rennaisance induction range looks to be a lot of money for not very much stove. However, the Viking induction range is pretty well thought of despite its $7k price tag and Viking's otherwise rather dim reputation for high product defect rates. If the the Viking induction range seems interesting, have a look at the thread stated by brad (aka luv2putt) to which I've linked below. There is also discussion there about swtiching from gas to induction. Also, Brad has offered to respond to direct questions from folks interested in the VIking.

If you are looking for a separate drop-in-cooktop and wall ovens, never mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Racing red induction.

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Induction is amazing!
It cooks evenly and you only heat the vessel and not the kitchen.
A friend bought a new house with a professional level kitchen and the water took forever to boil!
No matter what others say, expect some low level buzzing (I watched a video from a GWer who claimed no buzzing and I could hear buzzing)
But remember, gas makes noise as well.
Think of the control of gas and add in safety etc - induction rocks!

My SIL sent me toward induction.

I have the wolf - works great but would like each burner to have a timer.

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Well, I did the reverse. I left my induction cooktop behind when we moved to a rental with a gas stove. I think the thing I miss most from my old house is that induction cooktop. The gas is much slower to boil a pot of water. The temperature also doesn't get as low as induction. The induction cooktop was so much easier to clean. We have been looking for a house to buy for a year, and when we find one, I plan to get another induction cooktop.

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