Windows 7 Calendar Gadget Not Working

not2brightMarch 14, 2011


Ever since DST started my Windows 7 desktop calendar gadget is not working. Specifically, it's blank. I've restarted numerous times, turned off the gadget, restarted and tried enabling the gadget, etc., but nothing works. I've been looking around online for some answers but the only discussions I have found so far are by people who had McAfee or something else that they recently installed or uninstalled which caused the issue. I've made no changes whatsoever. I'm still looking, but I thought I'd drop a post here to see if someone had and resolved this issue yourselves.

Thanks !

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Restart the computer, during restart keep tapping the F8 Key, this exercise will bring you to the Windows 7 Advanced Options Menu. At the top of the list where it says "Repair Your Computer" Select it using the arrow key, it will highlight. Once highlighted (Selected) Hit enter on the keyboard.

Let us know,

Double check time & date on computer too.

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Hi, zep

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the first option under "repair your computer" but it didn't do anything. :-( Then I went ahead and tried the most recent restore point (Mar. 9) and that worked ! Then I restarted and did a manual Windows Update in case I was missing anything. I was, but I got them re-installed without issues (as far as I know). Then I just needed to re-adjust my time for DST. So, it seems everything's resolved. Thanks again !

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