5' x 11' bathroom

lindiverAugust 18, 2009

We are adding on to our house and the largest space we can squeeze out for a master bath is 5' x 11'. My husband wants a separate tub and shower. The room will have a window on the outside 11' wall and a door (pocket door?) on the inside 11' wall. Does anyone have ideas about placement? About all we can up with is the tub at one end, shower at the other with a pedestal sink and toilet in the middle....


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With only 5 feet wide, I agree that you should put the shower on one side and the tub on the other. You have the option of a vanity, though, not just a pedestal sink, if you want some storage. Make the door so that it opens to the sink, not the toilet.

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Is this what you are thinking about, lindiver?

It's an awfully tight fit. I've lived in a master bath with no storage and it is not fun.

Where's your window going to be?


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This room is too small for a separate tub and shower. Do you anticipate one of you tubbing and the other showering at the same time? If not then why do they need to be separate? I have showered in a large garden tub shower/bath combo before and it was a nice shower. You could still do a clean look with glass if you want to show off tilework. In a bath that size you're better off going for a nice wide tub and a nice big vanity.

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While 5'x11'is a bit tight for separate tub and shower, it is almost too big for just a vanity toilet and tub, without having some unused space.

You could have the configuration above, but it doesnt have to be a pedestal sink: A vanity could be placed against the shower (if there was a small pony wall) and the counter could narrow and extend over the top of the toilet.

The original 'standard bath' was a 5 x 7 footprint, and that often was the family bath. you have 4x5 (20 sq feet-- in addition to that). While you will not end up with a 'luxurious' vanity area, its certainly workable.

The one thing you will not have, is room for double sinks. However, one sink (not centered)with a large mirror over some of the counterspace is a compromise. Put a mirror in the shower and have your husband shave in there, then you will have the sink more to yourself.

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Thanks everybody!!!
Our house was built in 1938 and our current bath is only 5 x 7. We're used to close quarters, so it isn't as much of a problem as it would be if we were accustomed to more space.
Since it's always been tight, and we start work at different hours, it's only one person using it at a time.
I would much prefer a shower/tub combo, but my DH is adamant about having one of each. (I get to design the kitchen!)
The sketch is exactly what I was thinking, with the door opening in front of the sink. The window will be above the toilet.
I like idea of the pony wall in the shower with a vanity extending over the toilet. My biggest regret is that I won't have a linen closet. But did I mention that I get to design my kitchen? :-)
What do you think of a pocket door, rather than a swing door?

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Remember that with a pocket door, you will have to avoid all the plumbing.

I am a big supporter of pocket doors, but they are a little trickier to use all the time than a hinged door.

Have you considered narrow paired doors? It depends I guess, whether you want a locking function or not.

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I do want to be able to lock the door, so I hadn't considered the paired doors. Thanks for the suggestion.

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They do make pocket door locking mechanisms.

If you do a paired door, one side will have to have a floor or ceiling bolt (Cremone bolt) and then the other can have a locking mechanism, similar to French doors.

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Also, instead of a pedestal sink, you could get a wall mount unit that offers some storage. Unfortunately, most of these are fairly modern in design.

There are some codes regarding clearance around toilets, so you might want to check that before choosing a vanity. It might make sense to contact a custom cabinet maker so that you are able to squeeze in every inch of counter/storage space.

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My master bath the same size as my master bathroom which I am planning to redo very soon.

I saw this floor plan on the kohler website and it made me think of your situation. It has a "wet" section that has you walk through the shower to the tub. The only reason why I won't do it for myself is that I don't want to spend the money to have all of my plumbing moved around.

Here is a link that might be useful: wet room floor plan

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I have a long narrow bathroom and I have considered what appletini mentioned after I saw these photos on a blog. A real tub and a real shower in a space where it really shouldn't fit. :)

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Those pictures are wonderful. I love the idea of having the shower (wet room?) and tub together like that. Thanks so much for posting them. You've given me another direction to follow.

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Our master bath is only 9x5 so I'm with you on the no storage issue. We are going to attempt to add a floor to ceiling storage unit recessed between the studs. It will be narrow, but will be a place to store extra shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. (We haven't done this yet so I can't tell you if it was successful.) If you can keep all your plumbing in the wall behind the sink, you might have room for both a pocket door and a recessed cabinet.

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Those baths look to be 6' and 7' wide respectively, but the principle is still the same, --yours won't be as roomy looking. It will still function the same way.

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Spitfire, I was just thinking of doing something similar. If you do put the storage in, would you let us know how it works out?
Since I've been talking (OK, complaining...LOL) about how to store towels, my DH thinks that the towel storage can be accomplished by installing a hotel-like shelf above the toilet or in the bathtub area. Does anyone have anything similar?

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linsiver & spitfire - I have been saving this link about building a storage cabinet between the studs. I hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stud Storage

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idie2live~~ thanks. it's just what I was thinking of! I'm going to bookmark the page, too. :-)

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