a question about RO water filters

jenny1963July 9, 2012

Do under-cabinet RO filters have to have a separate faucet or can the water just be diverted into the main (only) kitchen faucet? I don't have a sink that'll accommodate a separate faucet (just have a one-hole Blanco.)

I could handle a switch below the cabinet for when I just wanted to wash dishes and not have RO filtered water.

Does such a thing exist?


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Okay, I now know about about tri-flow faucets, so I don't have to buy a new sink with 3 holes, nor drill a new hole into my granite countertop. YAY!

I don't like my current faucet anyway, so that's all good!!

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You are correct jenny. This is the one I use (without the sidespray). Deals can be found on ebay now that it is discontinued.


Although it comes with it's own filtration, it is a snap to set it up with RO. I have my RO filter system and tank in the basement utility room, and have that plumbed into the above faucet as well as fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 Handle faucet

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Thanks so much, tyguy! That looks pretty similar to the one I was considering by Rohe, and I also want to use it with an RO system, not the optional filtration system that it can come with.

How do you like the faucet?

How hard is it to plumb from the basement utility room up throughout the ceiling into the sink and fridge (dumb question, I know...)

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Hi jenny: how do I like the faucet? Well I really like this one a lot for the purpose I am using it for. It is installed on my island for the smallish prep sink. It is a bit dainty looking for our main sink which is a very large (36") single bowl stainless apron sink. For the larger sink we have the bridge faucet by franke which belongs to the same suite as the 3 paddle I showed. The larger one I have had a couple of quality issues I don't think I should have encountered with a $1200 (at the time) faucet. The smaller one no issues.

As for ease of plumbing: that sort of depends on a few factors. The pipe itself is an absolute breeze to run as it is very flexible small diameter pipe. I am in the fortunate situation where I have completly open access into all ceilings and walls as my entire house had been gutted and is being rebuilt so I am able to plan for these things ahead and it makes it simple. If you need to start taking apart walls/ceilings/floors etc in order to run the pipe that is when things get at least very messy and maybe even challenging to some. An RO system has a pressurized storage tank which may give you enough pressure at your faucet, but if not then you will need a pump to help deliver the water. I wouldn't say the pump is difficult if you take your time and follow instructions etc.

I hope it all works out well for you. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. No dumb questions here.

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I have had an RO system for about 10 years, I have it serviced twice a year for filter change. Last time he was here he tested my water, it is better for drinking than the bottled water. I have one issue in the 10 years, a valve of some kind.

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Tyguy, thanks for all the info. You're great. That being said, the Franke faucet is designed for Franke's filtration system, which I assume is carbon filtration and not RO, so might not the RO water be hard on the faucet?

It's also good to know about the dainty-ness of the faucet with your 36" sink, because our sink is 30" and it might not work proportionally.

winesnob, did you put in a dedicated RO faucet for your RO system? I've heard that RO systems are hard on faucets. Which system did you put in?

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What is RO?

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RO == reverse osmosis

A semipermeable membrane allows mostly water to pass through it while blocking larger molecules.


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