10 inch rough in Toilet Selection Help

tesmithAugust 23, 2010

What would be the better or best Toilets for 10 inch rough in?

I know Toto has some 10 inch rough in models do not know if they are as good as their other models?

Great flushing is a Priority

Can you offer any guidance?

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I did some research on toilets with a 10 inch rough in and elongated bowl and opted for the Toto Drake. (Well, I ordered the Drake and ended up with the EcoDrake. Ended up swapping out the flapper to try to increase the volume of water in the flush. You can also hold the handle down a little longer to get more water in the flush.) So far we have been pleased with the performance. It seems to flush well though the bowl cleansing is not perfect.

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American Standard is the toilet that I most often sell for those cursed with a 10" rough in. It has a good MAP rating and is decent looking. I'm not at work right now to look up the particular models that are available with the 10", but there are only a couple.

Most often though, I recommend that the waste pipe be relocated to be able to use a standard 12" rough in so that the choices are not so limited and better flushing performance can be achieved. Even if the slab has to be broken, it's often worth the investment of the upgrade.

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I should also state that I previously had the American Standard Cadet. I'm not certain of the exact model (maybe Cadet 3?). It was a fairly good flusher and after three or four years, we never had any problems, until I tried to store it during the rest of the bathroom remodel and cracked the bowl. I think either one is a reasonable choice.

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I am running 50-50 with American Standard.
At our last house, we had 2 one in each bathroom they were champion series

The one was great, the other was a lemon so I am half leary and half willing
Hearing all the talk of how good Toto products are I figured it would be the way to go But there is not much talk on their 10 inch rough in models

As always why does this always have to be so confusing!

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Have you checked the John Bridge forums? They seem to have the final word on most matters related to toilets. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: John Bridge plumbing forums

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Totos site search came up with six different toilets fitting the 10" rough in: Aquia, Eco Drake, Drake, Carlyle and Carlyle with Sanagloss, Carolina, and Pacifica. From what I read when I was researching toilets earlier this year, I was more comfortable buying a Toto than an American Standard.

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I have the original Carolina Skirted and had to purchase the 10" rough for both that I installed. They just came out with a Carolina Skirted II it has what they call their best flush system double cyclone and sits a little higher. I was so happy with the original I went with that one again.

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I had 10" rough so went for Toto Carlyle. I really like it so far - its been a month since installation.

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