AEG induction or Bosch 500 series

frank246July 23, 2013

We've been looking at induction for a 30" cooktop and have now decided on either the Bosch 500 series or AEG HK854220XB. Which one would you prefer? Does anyone have any experience with the AEG 30" induction. It is very hard to find reviews on the web and I've viewed most of the other Garden Web posts and really can't find any information on the actual product from people who have used it. Please do not discuss the maxi- sense which would not fit and is not in our budget.

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Is this AEG model available now in Canada?
I see it on UK sights for 570 pounds about $720 after VAT is removed.
The Maxi AEG HK884400XG is the same dimension, but is about $250 more.

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This model is available in Canada. I saw it this weekend at a showroom in Woodbridge Ontario that had it installed along with other AEG appliances. If I remember correctly price here (Ontario, Canada) was around $1900. Induction in Canada is sold as a premium product and is not as common as it is in Europe.

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I love my Bosch. Don't have any feedback for AEG, which may be equally good.
Hope someone posts a feedback so you can compare.
I think if I were doing it again, I may consider the Bosch 800. Sometimes if my fingers are wet, the touch panel is fussy. I hear that the 800 series has the controls on a metal strip, which is less fussy. Overall, no complaints.

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