Best budget hood options?

jennifer2413July 13, 2012

OK, so you've shaken my faith in my OTR microwave order. ;-)

It hasn't shipped yet, and I have till the 20th to change my mind. Looking into whether my design can accommodate a tucked away microwave somewhere.

If it can, is there a reasonable stainless hood I can find in the $300-$400 range? It will go above this kitchen aid oven/range:

My cooking/venting needs are very minimal and straightforward. I currently have a circa 1980 Kenmore hood that has worked fine...


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check with they have both stainless and wood hoods at reasonable prices. Good luck!

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Jennifer - I think I mentioned in your other thread that Costco would be a good source for a budget hood. Costco has an excellent return policy too, just in case. I also mentioned that Costco's stock comes and goes. I just checked the website, and they list an Ancona undercabinet hood with baffle filters (much better than mesh filters, but usually baffle filters are found on higher-priced hoods, so a hood with baffle filters for a budget price is a rare find). The website states that the hood comes in 30" and 36" sizes, but it looks like they are out of the 30" size. The 36" size, which is not what you want, sells for $580, so I'd imagine the 30" size is close to your price range. You might try to call Costco customer service number and see if they are getting more in.

Try not to get a hood that has low cfms, even though that often happens with a budget hood. A lot of them are 300 cfms which is not very worthwhile (though still better than an OTR MW). Try to get 400-600 cfms.

Also, check what is the diameter of your exhaust duct in your kitchen. If you are doing renovation, now would be the time to size up the duct if possible to 7" or 8" for greater exhaust efficiency and less noise.

My link below may not go directly to the exact Ancona hood (something with Costco's URLs). If not, search on their website for "Ancona Chef Under Cabinet Range Hood".

Here is a link that might be useful: Ancona Chef Under Cabinet Range Hood at Costco

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Check out anything Broan at your local box store that has decent CFMs. If I recall correctly, you can find a 450 CFM Broan for around $350. That's plenty for a consumer grade gas range. If you're doing a pro grade range, you'll have to up the CFM, your vent pipe, and your budget.

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I got mine from They have good prices and it was fine to deal with them. I will say, though, that they post that a "sale price" is only good until the end of the month, then the next month it's the same. So don't be pressured into choosing quickly if you look on their site.

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I bought and had installed a 36" Ancona hood from Costco. Sadly you can't just plug these things in and test them before installing since they are hard-wired. Mine is now installed on the wall and ducted. Surprise - it sounds like a cement truck full of marbles. All 3 speeds are equally loud, but the disturbing detail is it sounds like it's vacuuming up Fruity Pebbles. Not good. It may be defective. The buttons feel cheap too. I'm dubious about their longevity. Hopefully Costco will take this thing back as the electrician permanently did away with the packing materials. :(

I'm now looking at Zephyrs.

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Check out Windmere hoods. They are made in China but they look good, they appear to be quiet and the price is very good too.

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Jennifer - I am wondering why you are dismissing your microwave? I am assuming that you have a cooktop with a micro hanging over? That is my set-up as well. I am in the process of investigating a change for my stove-top and wondering how that will affect the micro I have hanging over it. Again, I am assuming that cause for concern is the exhaust fan in the micro? Please explain your situation - you are further along in the planning process.

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Microwave will be just sitting on countertop.


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