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purrusAugust 29, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to bathroom renovations, so please bear with me.

As I said in my message about marble tile, we have a tiny bathroom 3.5x5.5 that we're gutting. (Well, our contractor is gutting.) Anyway, originally, there were two sconces and a mirror over a tiny little vanity shoved over to the left--the lights and mirror were not centered over the vanity. I hated the look of this. See before picture, below:

So, one of my goals was to fix this stupid problem. Of course, upon ripping out the paneling and drywall, we discovered that the house's main stack is placed so that you CANNOT center the sink. Since the room is so small, I bought a pedestal sink (a small one, with rounded edges) to save space and make it feel bigger. Anyway, so the short story (sort of ) is that the sink has to be over to the left. My contractor said that what we could do was get a single wall light to center above the sink (max 24 inches wide) and a mirror (max 24 inches wide).

But now I'm worried that everything's going to be shoved over to the left.

Stupid plumbing.

Based on the picture, what do you guys think? Am I making a mistake centering everything above the sink? Apparently the sink will have to be shoved over to the far left, which I hate, but the guys showed me what the issue was today and theres' really no other solution. :( :( :( And before, it just looked stupid to have this tiny vanity over to the left with the mirror and sconces uncentered above it. Right?

Unrelated: I really need light fixture ideas. I'm using chrome fixtures, hoping for an elegant look. I've been looking at Lamps Plus but at this point I'm just overwhelmed by choices. Again, they need to be 24 inches wide max, featuring chrome as the finish.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and like I'm having to make a lot of choices in a rush!

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I agree that a corner sink is the best solution. Better yet, if you have the space, there are some great little corner vanities. If you click on the link, this is just one I randomly selected, but it has a corner mounted medicine cabinet that would solve the mirror problem. Then you could light the whole bathroom by sconces mounted on either side.

Is there really no way to mount your sink in the center, and run the plumbing horizontally for a few inches to meet up with the existing pipes? That seems odd, because the drain pipe from your sink normally doesn't have to run straight down.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner vanity

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It;s hard to tell from the photo, but is the sink on the long wall? If so, can you shift the door and put the sink on the short wall? or even install a pocket door to gain some space? My feeling is also that there must be a way around the plumbing issue.

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I would do an odd-shaped vanity/counter top with an interesting, small vessel sink, centered on the corner, with a lever faucet. The mirror could be decorative and pretty much fill the facing wall. Lights - I would do a short hanging chandelier, which would add mucho personality!

If you're set on the pedestal sink, you can still jazz it up with a mirror and ceiling mounted small chandelier. Look at the Schoenbek ones online, lots of fun! good luck!

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do you have space to the right of that sink? like under the mirror area - put in a larger vanity with the sink where it is. put 2 smaller mirrors up or 1 larger mirror. lights overhead.

one can always use more counter space with drawers under it for storage.

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A question...or maybe a comment:

A vanity doesn't have to be centered in front of the plumbing, in terms of where the plumbing is within the wall. P-traps can be assembled to "swivel" so the sink can be to the left or right of the plumbing.

With a pedestal, you do want it centered so the plumbing can be hidden behind the pedestal. But it's more aesthetics than functional. A pedestal sill still work with the plumbing offset from behind the pedestal.

So if you go back to a vanity that could work.

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Well, I decided to stick with the original plan--they are going to be able to move the pedestal sink over a few inches, just not quite as far as I would have liked. I guess that there were issues with stud locations as well. I'm going to post some photos of the marble in a minute!

thank you all for your input--it's very much appreciated!

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