Polished marble tile in powder room?

purrusAugust 29, 2012

Hi all,

I'm stressing out quite a bit over a tiny bathroom--really tiny. 3.5x5.5. No window, so I'm trying to use as many shiny fixtures as possible--chrome, etc. Which leads me to the pretty plank-shaped marble tile I discovered at the tile shop a couple of weeks ago, and ordered.

Anyway, my sample got a scratch on it--it could have been my car keys or something sinceI was carrying it around, but I'm worried--am I going to have to be nagging my husband to be careful with this all the time? No one has metal shoes, of course.

If I'm up in the middle of the night worrying about nothing I'd love to hear it. I love the tile but I don't want to pay tons of money to have this room updated only to have it look like garbage in a few months!


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All it takes is a grain of sand under someone's shoe. My suggestion to you, if this is going to drive you that crazy, would be to look at granite tile instead of marble. You can still get a polished stone, and it'll be just as attractive, and yet take a grinder to make a mark on it. :-) Just as a fer instance, this is a front entry I did for someone in santa cecilia granite:

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You can thank me now for the thousands of dollars I just saved you in marriage counseling fees. :-)

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I have polished marble basket weave floors in my power room. Two kids use this bathroom and my 100 lb dog walks all over the tile. They haven't scratched. We are not easy on them at all and I have been pleasantly surprised at how they are holding up. I would consider a basket weave or mosaic instead of a plank style - any scratches would be more obvious on larger tiles.

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