how to put Christmas lights on tall evergreen??

janofmnDecember 12, 2009

Hello, I have 2 beautiful evergreens on the corner of my house. They have gotten so tall now (30 feet)that its too hard to decorate them with Christmas lights. In the past they have been a big hit in the neighborhood. The extension poles are too short to do any good now. I wanted to rent a 'cherry picker' to put up the lights but 'Scrooge'aka husband, won't let me:(

Any ideas out there?

Thanks members.

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Hmm that is a tough one. Our neighbors have a 30 foot magnolia (the biggest one I've ever seen) that they put lights on but they actually bought a cherry picker to decorate it! You'd have to know these folks but he actually bought one on Ebay and flew to New Hampshire to pick it up!!! They run lights straight down from the top to the bottom in a triangular pattern and put a huge star at the top so that it looks like a Christmas tree. They haven't done it yet this year because we've had a ton of rain and the ground is too soft to use the truck!

Sorry I don't have any better suggestions. Although I will say that I've always wanted one of those projectors that you can put outside that shines patterns onto your house. Maybe you could get one of those, but they aren't cheap either. The snowflakes they project are pretty cool looking though.

Kat :)

Here is a link that might be useful: holiday light projector

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Since they've gotten so tall and it's not feasable to put lights on them anymore, maybe you could just do the lights along your roof line or on any bushes you have in front of the house. Big gorgeous trees like that are probably beautiful in their natural state and if you get a little snow on them even more so. Luvs

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My old neighbor let his tree grow with the lights on them, then ever year added another set of lights below it to get the lower section. Maybe if you can do it one last time, you can just leave them there for the future? Maybe srooge will let you get that cherry picker if its just one time :)

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That doesn't make sense...

Trees grow OUT at the bottom, but they don't grow UP at the bottom. New growth is at the top..

If you put a hammock between two trees, that hammock does not rise as the trees mature.

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western, Im not anaylzing tree growth, just telling you what my neighbor did almost 10 years ago. The lights are up at the top of the tree and they stay there every year. He keeps putting lights on the bottom of the tree. Works for him.

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Please don't be critical of others on here. I take all ideas and work with them, picking and choosing ideas among them.
I was raised by a mother that criticized everything thing I did and told I'd amount to nothing. Nothing was ever good enough for her and even if I did things her way it still was never good enough.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you don't have to agree. Please be kind to each other.

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This may sound outlandish, but it worked for us! We would tie a cord to the plug end of a 300 light string. Loosely coil the lights in our hand, tie the cord to a beltloop or coat buttonhole, and toss the lights to the top of the tree. Move around the tree a little and repeat. When finished we would have about 10 strings of lights going from the ground to the top of the tree up and down. There were generally more lights at the top of the tree because the 300 light strings were a little too long. More was better though as far as we were concerned.(Oldest DS did the throwing because he was the strongest and tallest :^) Like I said, it may not work for you, but it does work and really looks pretty when finished. We used multicolored lights, but you could use clear as well. HTH

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Think of your trees as canvas. They sell outdoor light projectors. You can light your trees from the ground with snowflakes, ornaments, skaters or happy holiday etc... Some have motion too.

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In my parents' old neighborhood, the neighbors used fishing poles to "cast" the light strings up, over and around the tall evergreens. Pretty ingenious and seemed to work.

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You should feel happy to own these two wonderful natural evergreen. The idea to decorate is great, while i think the proper decoration is enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas gift, DIY DVD photo show for Xmas, share Xmas video online

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