Liebherr repairs in Manhattan?

ginny20July 3, 2012

Just got back from visit to DS on Upper East Side. His kitchen was nicely furnished by his landlady. I noticed he has a tall, skinny Liebherr frig. I commented on it, how I'd read about them on here as being great for urban spaces. He said yeah, except that the thing's broken and he can't find anyone who can fix it. The frig part ices up in back, and he has to defrost it periodically. It had other problems, too. His landlady offered to replace it, but I guess he figures the logistics of that would be even a bigger hassle.

Anyone else with a Liebherr have trouble getting service? Anyone in Manhattan know someone who can repair one?


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You can call Liebherr Service and obtain recommended servicers for your area. The number is 866-543-2437.

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An "icing up" problem may be due to improper installation. If it is a model that requires free air flow from the base grille up the back wall and out via the top grille (or open air space if there are no cabinets above), icing can occur. If the unit was installed without allowing the air to circulate freely, that could be the problem.

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Good point, Kitchenkat. I'm now remembering that when I had icing problems with my first Liebherr fridge (since replaced), the tech inspected the base grill to make sure it wasn't being clogged by dust, etc. At that time, he advised me to occasionally remove the grill cover and vacuum in that area. Not saying that's the problem here, but it's a simple thing to check out which doesn't even call for a service visit.

Good luck!

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Thanks, appman, kitchenkat and marthavila - I've forwarded your responses to DS. I knew GWers would be able to help. Hope you all had a nice 4th.

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