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pholden11July 25, 2012

I've been researching the wide range of systems/methods for dealing with iron content in well water. There is certainly a great deal of variety. Some use additives to the salt tank of traditional softeners (Kinetico, Culligan, etc). I've used these in the past with limited results. While they seem to remove some of the iron, if you forget to add it when you add salt, you end up with the yellow-tint in your laundry again.

I'm using a system right now that incorporates a carbon-block filtration system and ozone. It's a tank similar to a softener, but does not use salt or chemicals. It does run through a regen cycle of an evening, so there's a little waste of water. The system - called 'Iron Shield' - is made by Freije Treatment Systems. So far so good. As I understand, the carbon somehow traps the iron, then flushes it during the regeneration cycle. This seems to be a 'greener' way of dealing with iron content in well water.

Any suggestions or other ideas would be welcome from everyone. Thanks!

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You will get more and better answers in the plumbing forum.

There is a thread now called "Water Softener and Iron filter selection"

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Softener and Iron filter selection

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