Miele Soap Dispenser Not Opening?

applnutJuly 5, 2013

We've had our two Miele Diamond series (model G5975SCSFSS) for a few months now and, overall, love the function of these machines. Recently though, we've had a few instances where the soap dispenser on one or the other hasn't opened during the wash cycle. This hasn't been frequent, but is has happened once or twice on both machines, though subsequent loads with same settings haven't necessarily had the same issue, so I don't THINK it's a mechanical failure. (Also haven't had any error message/beeps, etc.)

We are using the Finish Quantum powerball detergent, if that is important to know.

Anyone else experience this or have any ideas on what may be causing these random failures on two very new, high-end machines that otherwise seem to work flawlessly?

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It should be under warranty and Miele will fix the problem.
The most common issue is too much powder but not the case for you.

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Yes, these are individual packets/tabs, not measure-able. Just wondering how/why it would happen to both machines, in such random fashion (i.e. sometimes, but not always, using same settings and soap).

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make sure nothing is blocking the pathway of the soap dispenser door when the DW door is closed.

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I agree, make sure nothing is blocking the path of the tablets. Then have it checked out and keep paper of any service calls. Don't hesitate to call. You need to start a paper trail of the issue.

The stories I can tell you about dispenser doors on two different DWs in this house going bad .... Gaaaah!

Long story short ---> Definitely get it figured out while you are under warranty. And consider buying an extended warranty/service contract.

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