Best french door frig with ice maker/water

emjay74July 4, 2012

I know, I know. I shouldn't get one with the icemaker/water in the door. But that's what we really would like.

I've been reading everything on here, but my head is spinning. And many people don't want the door icemaker, or the posts are older.

We are going with cabinet depth, as we will have 2 other fridge/freezers in basement and garage. French door.

I feel like anything I go with is a gamble.

Any word on Electrolux? Is there still a problem with the door icemaker? And a problem with repairs? I'm wondering because I'm going with the Icon wall oven, and they will be right next to each other- I know, don't have to be matchy matchy, but I do like the features, of the Elux fridge, and would like matchy because they will be right next to each other- a little worried about them being so close and the stainless matching. But would be willing to go with another brand if the risk is less.

How about LG? Or KA?

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I have a samsung 36" french with dispenser for a few years and it's been a solid fridge however there are several issues you may want to consider

1) the ice maker is loud when it does it's drop, and if it happens in the middle of the night and your rooms are close to the fridge it may startle you until you get used to the sound. Our dogs used to bark at it until they got used to it.

2) our next fridge will not have a dispenser in the door. Whenever you get water invariably there is some dripping after you take your cup away, not much but it builds up and nobody cleans it out and therefore it ends up on the stainless and now we have some rusting around that area. And it's always dirty with hand prints around that area.

3) French doors are great for fridges 36" wide because you get a large fridge area. Once we went french we loved it and wouldn't consider a side by side again, however we are now remodelling our kitchen and looking at a 42 or 48 inch side by side. When you go that wide then I think a side by side makes more sense because you don't have to bend over to get in the freezer and you still have a large fridge area. If 42/48 is not possible due to budget then definately go french.

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I've certainly been very happy with my Samsung CD FD, with ice and water in the door (and a second ice maker, just in case, that I've turned off), for about twenty months now. Model # RFG238AARS

Samsung has done well in the JD Power ratings, whatever that means. But there are several models, and (as you'll see, reading through all the old fridge posts here) at least one of the cheaper models seemed to have less solidly-built glide tracks for their compartments. It pays to notice what may seem like minor construction details that could turn out to really matter. Another issue to consider is availability of local service wherever you live; this can vary, especially with brands that are relatively new.

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We've had a Samsung FD/CD fridge with ice & water dispenser since October 2010.
It works great and has been trouble free.
As "johninsocal" states, the ice drop is loud.
Other than that, I would reccommend this unit.
A freind of mine has had an Elux FD fridge with ice & water through the door since 2008. His fridge has also been trouble free.
One thing I did do was purchase an extended warranty for the fridge because of the many problems I'd read about with ice & water dispensers.
So far it would appear that that was money down the drain but if anything happens in the next 3 years, I'm covered.

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Someone mentioned the consideration of an icemaker being noisy. Yes, you can hear ice drop into the ice bin in the freezer if you are nearby, though it's not that often when the bin is already full. But really, would anyone consider going back to filling ice trays and not have an icemaker? I can't imagine it. Trays are a total PITA and you rarely have enough ice when you need it.

We have never had a problem with ice/water in the door and had that for years in a sxs in a previous home. Presently we only have water in the door because that was how the French Door model we liked was made when we purchased it several years ago. Getting ice out of the bin in the bottom freezer is no problem, but we would have gladly bought it with ice in the door and actually would have preferred to have it again. If you take your glass off the lever that works the water in the door after the glass is full and just leave it under the spigot for a second for that last drop to go in the glass at least in my refrig there are no drips to wipe up.

I love this board, but so many times I have seen one person post a problem with something and from then on so many posters will refer to the big "problem" with that appliance and always mention the poster who had the problem, as if everyone is having a major and continual problem with it. For every poster with a problem there are thousands and thousands of purchasers for whom that appliance works fine, but of course they have no reason to find a message board to say their appliance works great.

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I have a 32 inch wide French door from kitchen aid. I do like it and it fits the area well being the largest I could buy. I wanted ice and water in the door but those models are few and expensive compared to the close out deal o got. Mine has the ice in the bottom and water inside the left door. It does work well and getting ice and water is not a pain. The things stay cleaner than the despensors I seen in some homes and offices So give the internal ones a look too

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We like our Samsung french door fridge (w/ bottom freezer and door water/ice dispenser), but the ice maker is loud as johninsocal mentioned. We have had the fridge for three years. We like the space and adjustable compartments. We like the separate temperature zones, and the power cooling feature. The power cooling setting drops the temperature for about 30 min to a programmable temperature,which is great when you need to quickly cool something (e.g., beverages) in a lazy way. The LED panel is nice, and you can actually use it to completely disable the ice maker. We are getting additional appliances, and I am now considering the Kenmore Elite Grab-n-Go french door model since we really like our other Kenmore Elite products (washer, dryer, and dishwasher). We still are holding onto our Samsung though.

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Counter depth Maytag Ice2O purchased early '07, no problems, no drips, love it.

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