Counter not deep enough...or ok?

randekaspAugust 24, 2013

Calling on the eye and taste of gardenwebbers yet again. I think this countertop with its half inch overhang from the drawerfronts may look too stark/modern. This is a simple bathroom, pretty clean lines, but transitional rather than modern. I've looked around enough to know there's no specific standard. The counterman is coming tomorrow so I have to be sure that I can live with it or see if possible to extend another half inch. I may be getting too fussy with all this remodeling insanity, so I'd love your input. I will post another picture showing the knob which extends half-inch further than the countertop. Interesting that the dimensions of overhang are pretty similar to the kitchen. The kitchen doesn't bother me at all, it works there. I just think the counter here maybe could be more...substantial.

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I posted on your other question about the knob, but now I see what your point is in showing the side view.

I think the counter might look a little shallow. Your detail of the cabinet drawers does read more traditional. I think with the routed out detail that creates a shadow line, the overhang is begging to be pulled out a bit to reflect that same scale of detail (what ever that means :)

Now I need to go back and look at your hardware, cause I didn't notice if it protruded beyond the counter.

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I posted all pictures on post called "picture with knob". Pls let me know what you think of the two options!

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The countertop would look better with a half inch more depth, an overhang at the front. But would the whole top need to be redone, including remounting the sinks? If so, not worth additional cost. What's important is YOUR eye, what YOU think looks better.

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See my detailed post on your knob question thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture with Knob

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Thank you both! As I posted on other msg, I had them add another layer of drywall behind counter, so backsplash will not be be affected

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Looks fine to me.

If you're going to put a mirror on the back wall, I *much* prefer the countertop not to stick out much, so I can lean forward to get a better close-up look in the mirror without the countertop edge sticking into my body uncomfortably.

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