Does anyone have a 30" Thermador gas cooktop?

MarinaGalJuly 9, 2013

Hoping someone can help... we have a 6 month old 30" Thermador gas cooktop - ours is the model with 4 burners (one 16K BTU, two 10K BTU, and one 8K BTU). Because I also have a two burner Wolf induction cooktop which I love to use for boiling water/cooking pasta, it took me a few months to realize that my Thermador cooktop wasn't as powerful as my old GE profile range (with lower BTU burners). Specifically, I realized that I couldn't bring any pot of cooking pasta to a fast boil, and certainly not a fast enough to boil over. Even on my 9K btu GE profile burner I always had to watch to make sure nothing would boil over. I had my appliance store and plumber come check the cooktop, flame, hook-up and gas pressure and all seemed appropriate.

In addition to the fact that I can't get a fast boil on any of the burners (including the 16K BTU burner) - not even fast enough to get all of the pasta off the bottom of the pot - the cooking time on my pasta is always longer than the package indicates by several minutes or more, which leads me to believe that there is a problem.

I am going to call Thermador, but wonder if anyone here can comment or has had a similar problem with a gas cooktop.


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When using a pot make sure your flame is not spreading around the edge of the pan rather than to the bottom of the pan.

I sometimes demonstrate to customers that a smaller burner that puts the heat to the bottom of the pan will boil water faster than a bigger burner that sends the heat more to the sides.

As a general rule,
The bigger the burner the larger your pan base should be. If the flames are wrapping around the sides of the base the pan is too small for that burner.

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Jakvis - thanks so much for responding. I am careful to size my pan to the flame and burner so that the flames aren't spreading. I really think something is wrong with the cooktop or the gas line, but am at a loss to figure it out. I need to find an appliance store that has one of these cooktops live (the appliance store I purchased from does not at present) and do a direct comparison. This cooktop is supposed to be more powerful than my old GE profile range and it just isn't... ugh.

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Any resolution on this? I'm thinking of getting the same cooktop.

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