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djdoggoneJuly 24, 2013

My hands are severely crippled and I have asthma, a bad combination because I need things very clean but have trouble accomplishing it.

We are downsizing to a tiny place with a tiny kitchen so I get one oven only. Have opted for cooktop with wall oven at waist height to facilitate cleaning. Want Combi oven because Hubby is diabetic and must eat veggies, veggies and more veggies to fill up without a lot of carbos.

Since cleaning is a high priority, how does it work out cooking and steaming in one oven? And how hard is it to keep a Combi oven clean?

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Combi oven? Do you mean an oven with convection, a steam oven or a speed oven?

As far as a cook top goes, be sure to get induction.
Nothing is easier to clean than induction.
It;s the safest for folks our age.
It's the fastest to boil.
It is the most responsive, turn it up/down and the pan responds immediately!


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I have the Wolf Steam oven, so as Gary stated that is a form of a "combi" oven.

It is easy to clean up as the steam tends to keep things loose for us. I did mess up the first time I ever used it and set it while we went to a movie for a roast with root veggies and it splattered all over and I didn't clean it up right away. It is still dirty from that, but I haven't really taken the time to try and clean it per Wolf's cleaning recommendation in their manual.

Other wise, since that first time it has been super easy to clean up, just wipe it with a cloth after cooking and it has cooled slightly, and everything comes right off. But I have to say that if I keep an eye on things there really aren't many splatters now.


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I have the wolf combi steam. It is a new appliance and I'm still experimenting. I find it easy to clean if I run "steam only" for 30 minutes after use. I used a Mr. Clean magic eraser on a stubborn food particle which worked beautifully, then I read it shouldn't be used on stainless steel. Has anyone else used the magic eraser inside their stainless steel oven?

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MJ, I use Easy OFF, blue can, about every 6 months or so to deep clean overnight...wipes off with paper towels like a charm.

Dodge: I think you will enjoy the features of a combi oven. They are not "self-cleaning" though. If you wipe it out when you have spills or grease following a steam clean cycle, it is easy to maintain.

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I have the Gaggenau combi.

I love it but when you say your hands are severely crippled, it makes me wonder if the Combi is the right oven for you.

This oven requires a little more than average hand strength to open and good hand dexterity to manipulate the pans. You might want to visit a showroom and give it a test drive. If it works out for you, I would recommend this oven without reservation as the main oven for two people in a "tiny" downsized space. This oven holds a lot more than it appears to at first glance.

Good luck!

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Thanks redoing it.

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Thanks very much all. It sounds like the perfect appliance for us and much easier to deal with than the range oven. Special thanks for the induction recommendation because of its easy-clean attributes. red-lover, I appreciate your concern; you are right, Hubby gets to do the tricky stuff if needs must but he would only clean it if the debris prevented use. I, on the other hand, have more delicate sensibilities :-)

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