advice needed....Glass blocks in a bathroom

nunkAugust 13, 2008

Ok me your blocks!

Seriously, we are just starting an almost complete redo of our master bath. We have an opening between our tub and shower (a half wall) that I think would be perfect for a glass block wall. It would be approx. 40"l x 48"h enclosure. I've seen blocks online for purchase and also saw a few at Lowes the other day. I would love some feedback from anyone that has glass blocks in their bath. I'd especially love to hear about installation, where to buy, pros and cons, etc. Truth be known, when I was doing our kitchen remodel two summers ago, I really wanted to use them as a backsplash but never researched the option since I assumed it would take up a lot of my counter space. The blocks hold special memories of my granny's house and I would love to see them used in our home.

Thanks in advance for any input!


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Here's mine, two walls of them however they are used as windows, line on tub is a reflection, not a crack ...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have glass block "windows" in 2 showers in my current house - 7 years no problems. They look great and let in alot of light. I like them so much that I am installing in both showers in a new home I am building. However, they are tricky to install and NOT CHEAP - find someone who knows what they are doing. We found that it was less expensive to frame a wall and install the glass blocks as windows vs. trying to make them into a free standing wall. Good luck!

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We put this glass block shower in the house we just sold -- we absolutely loved it and will do a similar one in the house we're building. It was a very dramatic part of the master bath, easy to keep clean, and a pleasure to use! Wish I'd noticed how messy the towels were so I could have gotten a better pic!!

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hostagrams - wow! I love your shower wall. And I love the shelves at the end. I may "steal" your idea when we plan our next home.

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hostagrams - Do you by any chance have a picture of the inside of your shower. I absolutely love it and would like to see how the inside is setup. How did you keep water off the built-in shelf?

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Thanks for the compliments! I've tried to find better pics but it's just not an area that was easy to photograph. I'll try to describe it . . . This may be way more information than you want! I miss my old bathroom so it's been fun for me to revisit! The house was on a lake, so it had two "fronts" -- this was the side that faced the road.

I'm showing the outside so you can see the relative dimensions. The entire stone bumpout is the shower. The glass block enclosure from end wall to the curve was about 5' x 5', with an additional 2' or so for the entrance, where the shelves and towel bar were. The window set on end is 4x4. The shower ceiling was actually what you see in the bumpout -- sort of a shower with "cathedral" ceiling! Incidentally, the window to the left is the WC and to the right, the tub.

The glass block wall, taken from beside the tub. Wish I'd noticed the scissors on the counter before snapping . . . but can I brag about the paint job? My first attempt at faux painting! I loved how it came out . . . my painter was working at the time and kept coming into the bathroom to see what I was doing! It was fun, because he was impressed!

The far end of the shower had the rain shower head; the ajacent wall had a hand-held bar, next to the window. I was really trying to record the inset tile pattern for future use. The window wall had larger insets.

The shelves never got wet because they were too far from the water source. It was a perfect setup.

I'm still trying to find the decorative tile -- I'd kill (well, almost) to use it again, but it seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. The pic below shows the decorative inset that was in the floor, just inside the curb that shows in the initial picture. It was set on the diagonal to echo the wall insets and the window. It was called Interamerica Indian Slate 13 x 13 Mosaic . . . I so wanted to use it again but have struck out finding it anywhere.

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