Shower design for ease of cleaning

MollymyCatAugust 21, 2013

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am beginning the process of designing a new master bath and I would like to use a curb-less shower plan. I would like to enclose the shower for warmth, but because I know my husband will not wipe down the walls or the glass and I am concerned about spotting and etching. Even if I clean it daily it will go hours without wiping it down. Any ideas? Is there a glass with a finish that sheds water better? Will marble walls will be ruined?

Thanks for taking the time to help.

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I have designed ours as a walk-in, curbless, no doors or curtain. If you have space that may be a better option than glass. You could extend radiant heat under the tile in the shower pan to keep it warmer and install a whisper-warm fan like Panasonic's.

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I believe I've heard here that you can treat the shower glass with an product meant for car windowshields. The water then sluices off much more easily and does leave spots.

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We are doing the same thing as you are - met with the glass company and the tile company yesterday. The glass is going to be coated with something called Hydroseal, which helps the water slide off easily. It is also not clear glass - has a design that allows light to come in, but won't show fingerprints, etc as easily as clear glass would. The textured side of the glass will be on the outside of the shower - make it easier to keep clean. We are using large tiles around the lower half - 12 x 12, with smaller accent tiles above - larger tiles should be easier to clean.

We are NOT doing a door, partly for accessibility and also because I can never get the area around the door frame clean. I might keep a squeegy mounted near the shower to make cleaning more of an easy, routine thing.

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