Christmas 2010 FL. style

susieq07December 4, 2010

No snow but plenty of Christmas spirit!

Took one week to get it all up, there is some not seen on video, all four sides done outside..

Here is a link that might be useful: webshots

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Lovely home and decorations, Susieq07. I don't think I've ever seen a house with a glass garage door before. Guess that would be a good way to keep from piling it full of things that can't find a home elsewhere like mine is! LOL Sort of like when you put glass in your cabinet doors--have to keep the dishes all arranged nicely because everyone can see in.

Love your soft pastel colors and your yard looks fantastic. Where do you store all those big pieces during the year? Now that it is all done, you can relax and enjoy the season.


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susie, it's so pretty inside and out! I love the blue tree on the DR table.

Luvs, I could be wrong but I don't think that's a garage, I'm thinking of a sunroom. It looked like I could see a TV on inside of the room.

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Wow...incredible amount of work in all that decorating!
Its beautiful. Your neighbors must love seeing it.

Your home is incredible! I'd love to have a sunroom. When I visited my in-laws many years ago in FL, I spent most of the day in theirs.

hugs, Karen

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That is our garage, and not glass, the door is up, the garage has screen doors on it, they slide and stack to either side..

Many homes in FL. have screened in garages, same as our entries etc.
thank you for the nice comments on our decorations, it takes us a week to get it all up, it's what we enjoy doing, all the big lawn items go up above the gar. (attic) sort of, dh put a floor down. the lights etc. go into huge tote boxes. Inside all goes in a big walk in closet, used only for storage.

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Fabulous light display! I so enjoyed seeing all of it. I love that you decorated so much and shared it here. You have so many cool decorations.

Your neighbors must love coming home and seeing your beautiful display every night. Do they just drive around and around?lol Hope no one misses coming by and seeing your display.

Wonderful home and love your garage floor and drive out there. Is it stamped concrete? It all goes so well together.

I wish I could get the fortitude to get out there and get what I do have up on timers. We have so much snow and it's just to COLD here.

Don't be such a stranger and come visit here more


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Your Christmas display is wonderful
I like the pastels as well.
You have a lovely home.

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Very, very pretty, I'm a pastel kind of girl too. I love the screened in garage idea.

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Another whole new way of decorating for Christmas! FL style w/o snow!) Love the screened in display & your home is beautiful! Lots of work in all your displays...I am sure they are enjoyed by many! TFS! Jeanne s.

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