2 Weeks With my New ASKO Dishwasher--a review

needinfo1July 31, 2014

Since very few people here have ASKO dishwashers or have even considered them, I thought I'd give my feedback for future dishwasher shoppers. Several weeks ago we purchased a floor model, top-of-the-line, ASKO dishwasher. Model number D5654XXLHS.

This is a three rack, extra tall tub model for extra capacity that works well for both a large group or a small household. As soon as we got it installed, we had house guests for nearly a week. In addition to the house guests, for many meals we also had other extra people. We easily loaded in all the plates, silverware, and glasses after having thirteen people for dinner. With that many people I did wash pots by hand because the thing was full. Normally, however, there are just two of us, and I am one who puts everything in the dishwasher other than things like cookie sheets that are just too large. Now that we are back to just ourselves, we find that we are running it every 1 ½ to 2 days.

I'm very happy with this dishwasher overall because it cleans well, has great flexibility as far as loading, is very quiet, and has a two year warranty. My favorite part of it is the third rack which is in a different location that other dishwashers that have a third rack. Rather than being on the top, this silverware rack (which splits into two different removable racks), is in the middle between the two main racks. This means that not only can I put my silverware there, but I can also put all of those hard-to-figure-out-a-place-for items like spatulas, custard cups, IKEA kids bowls, mixing spoons etc. And, if I'd want to wash super tall things, I can take one of these racks out to have a really tall space.

This is a dishwasher with many different cycles (probably more than I need), and we've only used a few so far. So far we've primarily used the regular cycle for mixed loads of everyday type needs. There are special pot scrubber jets in the bottom of the tub for really dirty pans, and we've successfully used that special cycle to clean a couple of pots with cooked-on food on them. There is a special quick cycle of 15 minutes that is meant for very lightly soiled dishes, and I am anxious to try that when I have the right mix of dishes. Everything comes out spotless (very unlike my old KA). Despite the fact that there is no coil on the bottom or heated dry cycle, everything is dry with the exception of plastic wear that does have some water droplets on it. I did have one instance where I found a very small piece of wet spinach adhering to a plate, but this quickly flicked off unlike how I'd sometime find baked-on food from the heated dry cycle in my KA. The lack of a bottom heating coil also means that I can put plastic wear on the bottom without worries that it will melt.

Prior to the purchase I'd investigated Kitchenaid, Miele, and Bosch 800. Because we'd had several KA dishwashers in the past (when they were truly a top-of-the line-brand) I thought about these. However, I hadn't been particularly happy with the cleaning ability of my last one, and family members who bought a KA in the past two years haven't been happy with it. So, KA was eliminated. That left Bosch 800 and Miele under serious consideration until I found the ASKO brand (one I'd never even heard of before the shopping began). I gave both of those brands long, hard, serious looks but am very happy in my decision to purchase the ASKO.

When shopping I'd followed the advice of some here and taken along a box of dishes to see how they'd work in the dishwashers I was looking at. Something about the Miele's loading set-up didn't seem quite to work for me and my dishes, so that was a big strike against Miele for me. Bottom line though for others who are doing dishwasher shopping: it isn't only how the plates and glasses fit in; it is how all of that other everyday stuff you use fits in.

I got a lot of help here when doing my shopping, so I hope this helps others out.

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I saw the Asko after I bought my Miele

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Thank you so much for posting this! I, too, am seriously considering the Bosch 800, Asko, and Miele. One thing that seemed to be a plus for the Asko over the Bosch is the fan used for drying. I had assumed that the plastic ware would come out very dry. I know you addressed droplets of water, but do you mean a drop or two? or do you mean water that has gathering in the rim of plasticware, for instance? Bottom line: do you have to dry plasticware before you put it away?

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There are some drops of water on plastic wear, but not enough that I actually feel a need to dry it before putting it away. The plastic does not come out as bone-dry as regular glass or metal items. But, if there is an item (glass or plastic) that is concave and is placed so it is not tilted for water to drain out on its own, then (just as in any dishwasher) there will be a pool of water in that concave area.

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I have two Asko Dishwashers installed Sept 2013. So far I love them! I have the D5883XXL that I use exclusively for stemware. I searched and searched for a stemware dishwasher. It has a lower temperature stemware setting and two exchangeable lower racks: One full bottom tray exclusively for stemware, so you can load both upper and lower with your martini and wine glasses OR you can exchange the bottom rack out and load regular plates and dishes. I hate washing stemware by hand after dinner parties and this does the trick. Note: I was told by the sales person that this dishwasher model is not meant to serve as a primary dishwasher but rather a second dishwasher.

I also have the D5894XXL that I use for everything else. I love how large they are and the flexibility in loading.

There is a little learning curve, I had to figure out how to load correctly, lower and heighten trays, generally how to use it. I was considering a Miele for the stemware, but liked the Asko configuration better.

Check out this link. It sold me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asko Dishwasher

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That video is very impressive! For now we will reuse our old bosch dishwasher, but I suspect an upgrade will come relatively soon.

I am very drawn to the third rack for cutlery, after renting an apartment in europe with a miele dishwasher. This asko confused me a bit with its cutlery basket. Is that middle rack not used for the day-to-day flatware?

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The middle rack is split in two. One side is for knives and the other side can be used for larger cooking utensils, serving cutlery, measuring cups or small bowls...anything that will fit.

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I think Asko is a great choice and an appliance store near me said they is now one of the more reliable dishwashers they sell. Apparently several years ago they had a lot of internal trouble before which was taking a toll on their quality because of frequent changes in ownership and the failure rate in the first year was over 50%. But then in 2010 Gorenje, a Slovenian company took over and apparently improved quality.

These are their most recent findings in terms of percentages of "premium" dishwasher brands that needed service in the first year of ownership:
Miele - 5.75% failure rate
Fisher Paykel (dishdrawers) - 12.68% failure rate
Bosch - 12.82% failure rate
Asko - 14.17% failure rate
KitchenAid - 23.51% failure rate
Viking - 65% failure rate

Sure the repair rate may be higher than Miele but it is on par with Bosch and overall it looks like they are doing great especially considering their improvements. Enjoy your dishwasher!

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My ASKO middle rack has slots for everyday silverware on the right side; it takes a little while to figure out how to best use it, but now that I've done this it is a feature I really like.. The left side I use for small, shallow things--utensils, shallow bowls, large spoons etc. If you want to wash some really tall things, you can remove half of the split rack to allow space for these items.

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I'm just curious, hvtech42, where did those stats come from, and how does one find them for other appliances? Beyond who put the repair stats together, what was the time frame for their evaluation period? Did they break their stats down in any other ways besides just by manufacturer? For instance, were they looking at the company as a whole or one or two models? I think it is a good chart to keep, so thanks for inlcuding it. I just would like more details.

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It was percentage of appliances that needed repair in the first year of ownership, I think the time period was between mid 2013 and mid 2014. The stats are quite interesting. Miele and Gaggenau usually come out as most reliable, but the runner up to them tends to be Frigidaire. Goes to show you how little price has to do with reliability. They found that 20% is the average repair rate across all brands and appliances. I also find it interesting how different brands names made by the same manufacturer can have drastically different repair rates.









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Thanks hvtech42 - those were very helpful! Also the related thread, Choosing Dishwashers where the issue of reliability (including a discussion of how that is defined) is a major deciding factor, along with features, rack arrangements and bang for your buck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing Dishwashers

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Kathy Harrington

Great review, but when I went on the Asko website, I couldn't find any of the models listed. Trying to find out what model was in the video

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I am visiting my mother, and she has an old ASKO dishwasher. Hers was installed in either 1980 or 1981. Within the first year, there was an issue with some plastic part, and it was repaired under warranty. Since then they've had some plumbing issues, but they were not caused by the dishwasher. I've been loading and unloading it for the past few days, and its a lovely machine. I now will look at ASKO more closely for my decision - remarkable to have something still look and function like a new machine after more than 30 years of daily use.

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Chiming in on the Asko. I had a d5000 installed in 2012 in my second home, which is on a well (hard water.) I couldn't be happier with it. It gets erratic use - months without, then meals for 1-12 - and has performed flawlessly. So glad that it was recommended to me, I'm ordering another for my primary home. I can't remember the details exactly, but I do remember that the installation was a little fiddly. The cabinet maker needed to make some adjustments and the plumber had to adjust for something because the working clearance wasn't exactly as spec'ed.

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We are still happy with ours, and perhaps there is a model year changeover and that is why I got mine at a really good price. I guess the one thing that isn't perfect is that plastic ware is still kind of wet, but I think that is the tradeoff for not having a heating coil in the bottom. And, to me, it is a very small and inconsequential tradeoff.

We really needed this replacement DW installed quickly because we were having house guests arriving. The appliance store wasn't able to provide an installer quickly enough for our needs. So, my husband, who has installed other dishwashers, did the install. It did seem time consuming and quite putzy.

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I am on my second ASKO. First lasted about 8 years and this we have had since 2008. No needed repairs yet.They used to be highest recommended on Consumer Reports, now are way down on their ratings. I have always liked them. Plastic items do not dry thoroughly, but it washes excellently and silently and I accept the poorly dried plastics as energy conservation effect. My model is D3531XLI and it was unfortunately discontinued just after I bought it at full (high) price.

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Appreciate all these positive reviews! Just ordered an Asko (was also considering Bosch and Miele) to replace a nonworking Viking. In my past two homes, we've installed Bosch and have always had a good experience with them (no repairs needed during the 5 or so years after installation before selling the homes). Was attracted by the Miele reliability, but the plastic parts on the inside (including one of the cleaning arms), the wobbliness of the baskets, and the way my dishes didn't quite fit was a turn-off. Bosch is a fine machine, but with no internal fan the drying performance is not quite as good, and the silverware drawer on the 800plus model we looked at wasn't quite deep enough for our ladles. The main reason we went with the Asko was the inside -- it seemed more solidly built (more stainless steel parts, baskets felt secure and glided with ease). The appliance store explained that with the new (as of 4/2014) Wolf/Sub-Zero relationship, Asko service should be easier, due to parts stocking and 48 hour appointment turn-around requirements. Crossing our fingers....

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Thanks for these reviews! Getting ready to order two Asko's (and replacing my Bosch which I am super happy about, I have never liked it.) I had not even heard about this brand before shopping. I saw them in person, then started researching, this thread helped a lot. I hope I like them as well as everyone else here has. I'll post a review a few months in.

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My Asko is 5 years old. It is the 2nd Asko I have had and I love it. It is QUIET. I can sit 4 feet away and have a conversation. You have to feel it to know if it is running. Mine dries very well and I love the light that turns on when you open the door. My worst fear is that saying how great it is will jinks the good luck I've had with it!

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