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panzer1August 2, 2012

Im wondering about people's experiences with brands like delta versus Kohler/hytec. Is it worth the extra money to go with Kohler? We are building and are trying to stick to our budget, But don't want to sacrifice quality.

For a tub, can anyone tell me the benefits of gelcoat or acrylic finishes?

Lastly, any suggestions for a one piece tub/shower with lots of storage for shampoo/soap? We are currently looking at just a tub with a shower locker for storage, but if we can find the right tub/shower, that would probably be the easiest solution!

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Also, does anyone have any experience with kohlers steam shower and the dtv digital system?

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If you're considering a digital valve system, take a look at the Moen I/O Digital. I liked the look of the Kohler dtv digital but it doesn't have a flow control so you'd have to buy that separately. We put a Moen I/O digital in our masterbath and I absolutely LOVE it.

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Panzer1, I posted on your kitchen sink question about the highrise.

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