Wolf R366 - 6 Burners, Should I get it?

agentslimJuly 31, 2012

Hi guys,

I am able to get the Wolf AG R366 - 6 Burners, for $3900(floor model). Is that a good price? Should I pull the trigger? Or wait till the new sealed burner models for another price drop?

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!


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Great price.
Envious of you.
Go for it!

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Absolutely! Grab it while you can. Wish I had gotten mine at that price.

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VERY IMPORTANT BAKING issue and need input. I am considering this model. I am a professional cake baker who has used an electric oven for 10 years. I am known for my moist cakes and I understand going gas would be even better. I am so afraid of spending $4000.00 and end up being disappointed. I have heard things like it takes 30 minutes to heat up, not even baking ( its a convection! ). Anyone use this model for baking? Thanks : )

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