What do you think of linear fireplaces?

pumpkinhouseJune 26, 2013

They definitely have a distinct look. I am considering putting one into my new house, within a stone wall. It won't be easy to change out to a different shape one day down the road. Should I play it safe and go with a more traditional shape? The style of the house overall is contemporary, so a linear FP would work well. I'm just afraid I may regret it someday when they are no longer in style.

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If the style of your house is contemporary I say - go for it! :)

I just put a 54" Lennox Rhapsody in my home, so I may be biased. But I think it is a great look.

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i like contemporary and have been in a few contemporary homes with linear fireplaces. I'm not sure why, but they always bothered me for some reason. that's just my opinion. i can't say that i don't like them, but I don't think i would want one in my home. i LOVE the stone balls rather than fake logs. i will be using those in a more traditional shaped fireplace.

if your house is TRULY contemporary then go for it, but if it's a little modern mixed with traditional here and there, then I'd avoid a linear.

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