Seal a marble shower/floors? Yes or No?

PipdogAugust 23, 2012

I've got a brand new marble shower (Calacatta) and a bath with polished marble floors and I'm not sure if I should seal it. I've researched this issue and the responses are all over the place -- some say yes, sealing prevents staining. Others say no, it traps moisture. I read about one installation where a homeowner sealed the shower floor and it trapped moisture, causing the floor to constantly look wet.

I'm confused as to what to do and am I'm hoping experienced GW'ers with marble showers/floors can weigh in and let me know whether I should seal my marble.

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Generally, I recommend sealing marble. A sealer doesn't "waterproof" the material and trap moisture. A common misconception. A sealer simply helps to repel dirt & stains...making it easier to clean. You might try sealing a sample piece to see the result.....

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Thanks, StoneTech. Any other non-sealers out there care to weigh in?

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