vintage hobart KA or Miele dishwasher

lmrinc_gwJuly 12, 2013

I grew up with a Kitchenaid dishwasher made by hobart and thought nothing of it until my husband was so confused when I wouldn't handwash all the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I would tell him I never did growing up and they came out sparkling clean! Until I bought a new LG DW I didn't realized what a gem the old hobart's made by KA were.

We are going to be remodeling our kitchen soon and I was thinking of getting a miele Diamond and maybe another one to put in the pantry for overflow when we entertain.

I really want a superb machine with a short cycle...will I only get this with a vintage or commercial machine? My mom's toughest cycle takes 37 minutes!!! Mine take 3 hours!!!!

I also saw a hobart commercial undercounter dw where the cycle length is 2 minutes!

What should I go for? We will have hard (ish) water in the new place.

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I have a Miele Dimensions Plus and it does a wonderful job of getting things clean. I didn't grow up with a DW and neither did my wife, so when we bought our house it had a DW and that was totally new to us. It was a whirlpool and it did a good job, but we always pre-rinsed everything.

Now, with the new Miele, after our full kitchen remodel, we don't do anything other than a quick spritz of water to get off any loose food particles and I have never had anything not come out perfectly clean.

As for cycle times, again I have limited knowledge, the older model we had was probably quicker, but I honestly never timed it. The Miele is not quick, on Normal I think the cycle is 90 minutes or so, if I recall correctly. Pots & Pans it goes up, and you can also add "intensive" and then it doubles the cycle time.

Personally I would go with the Miele, easier to find service for it, if necessary, and parts, compared to the old stuff.


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I have a Miele LaPerla II now, it's an older Diamond. I also grew up with a Hobart KitchenAid. That's a tough call. Both are great machines. They're both the best machines of their respective eras. For your purposes, I might consider the Miele for the kitchen and the KitchenAid as the pantry back up for when you want a quick wash or for overflow. You can still find them on Craigslist. Parts aren't the easiest to find, but still possible. Then you have the best of both worlds

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Try "the old KA's made by Hobart".

Hobart commercial undercounter dw with 2 min cycle is not a dw.
It is a post dishwasher sanitizer.

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Thanks laat2 good to know.

aamassther that sounds like a good idea! I just hope I can find a similar model to my parents.

I just found out that you can get a lovely commercial miele with a 23 minute cycle and is nsf rated which would be good for me.

I've read a few bad reviews of the diamond and I'm thinking the commercial would be worth the extra money. I know how valuable a great dishwasher is!

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I just found out that you can get a lovely commercial miele with a 23 minute cycle and is nsf rated which would be good for me.

If you are ok with spending $5-$6k per dishwasher the Miele Pro is an absolutely fantastic machine.

But if you search hard enough you will find a couple of bad reviews on every appliance ever made.

I have a Miele La Perla II and will replace with another residential TOL Miele when the time comes. In the far far away future. I hope.

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Several models of Miele DWs have Express, which is a fast cycle that does an excellent job. I had that 3 years ago on my Optima.

Any of the Mieles with an Express cycle should easily do what the OP needs though it make take 45 minutes vs 37. It's under an hour.

OTOH, if you have $5K for the Miele Pro, go for it.

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I have a new less than year old KitchenAid dishwasher that has been nothing but headaches. It is one of the better "30" series and cost over $1,000. Control board went out, wrong one sent numerous times, basically a 4 month nightmare. Then the top rack broke and had to be repaired. Broke several glasses in the process. We took the thing out and I have been hand washing dishes. They are at least clean now. I also have had a basic classic KitchenAid and it was O.K. but not thrilling. Dishwashers need water (wow, what a concept) and power to clean dishes.

I am NOT impressed with ANY of the new dishwashers, or their reviews. I would not take one if you gave me one free. Some people have had fires, and deal with smells. I find it ridiculous that any of the Whirlpool family dishwashers tell you to use Afresh in their dishwashers to cover up odors. Instead of fixing the problem let's just use a chemical to hide it. How disgusting!

I have bought a Hobart made KitchenAid KDS-19 in good shape to restore, and am going to buy another old Hobart KitchenAid that has been refurbished, as well as another one locally that is ready to install. I am going to have spares as I will not ever, and I mean ever, buy another new one unless something drastic changes with the junk available in this country now. The poor quality and regulations have ruined them as far as I am concerned.

Our appliance dealer said he hated to sell dishwashers, but said KitchenAid did better than most. He told us Miele service was terrible, particularly in our area, and that he personnally found the KitchenAids to be better overall. This is a large high end appliance dealer in a major city. If the Miele owners get upset over that, sorry.

Get yourself a nice vintage dishwasher. You can even get nice stainless panels made from quality stainless...not the junk that is on many of the appliances now.

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So Sandy, how do you really feel about the "new " dishwashers ;) love your post, and agree 100%

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I'm with you Sandy. Those Hobart KA's were, in my opinion, the best dishwashers ever made. They were loud as hell; essentially a "hurricane in a box". But the dishes were always clean with no pre rinsing and ready to put away in less than forty minutes! All these current machines do is "pee" on your dishes for three or four hours. Totally a crap shoot as to whether they'll be clean or not. So much for progress.

We just bought a MCM house. After we gut the kitchen, I plan on installing a Miele PRO. Pricey as hell but is as close to a vintage KA as you can get.

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The Miele Diamond is as well built and cleans as well as anything made by Hobart under the KitchenAid label.

It is quiet and does not use an obscene amount of water and electricity.

But it takes a lot longer. That is the only negative.

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We retired a Hobart Kitchenaid two years ago for a Miele Diamonte. This new dishwasher produces cleaner dishes and is much quieter. The cycle time is longer but we turn it on and forget about it. The utensil tray is an excellent improvement-- place the forks and spoons in rows and remove it to unload. The rest of the interior is very roomy because of it. I would not go back.

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