Buying a gas range for a new home

ashbellJuly 11, 2013

Hello, I am moving to a new home and trying to decide on my appliances. I have narrowed down the Range to the following 4: Thermador prd366jgu or Viking vdsc5366bss or GE Monogram zdp366pss or Wolf df366x. Any suggestions - pros / cons will be greatly appreciated.

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First off congrats on the new place!

Now, it would be helpful if you provided us some more information, like how do you cook, what do you cook, what are you looking for from a range, what is your budget, are you limited to only these brands?

Lets start with that and then go from there.

Also, there is already a lot of information on the site about most, if not all, of these models, so do a search for them and read up on what has already been said as well.


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In your title you ask advice for a gas range then give a list of four dual-fuel ranges.

I think it is a bad allocation of your appliance budget to pay a premium for dual-fuel. There is no greater cost between making a gas range or dual-fuel range. Generally, electric ovens are considered better for baking and gas ovens for roasting meats.

Of those Wolf has the best oven but mediocre burners. Thermador has the best burners but tied with Viking for the worst record on electric ovens. Thermadors click and clack (make an annoying noise) on extra low simmer. You should scratch Viking on recent quality record. Monogram is just plain mediocre across the board.

Many people are willing to pay a premium for dual-fuel for one simple reason; self-clean oven. I would save money and look at Capital CGSR366, an all-gas range with self-clean oven. The burners are a bit more powerful than Thermador but offer much more even heat. Also offers a motorized rotisserie that can handle 40 lbs. The oven door and toekick comes in eight colors in addition to SS. This Capital is less expensive than all the ranges on your list save the Monogram.

Unless you are a vegetarian and fussy pastry chef then maybe the Wolf is for you.

If you make raw foodist vegan dishes maybe the Thermador's extra low simmer has special attraction.

But for the rest of us look at that Capital.

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