Vanity for 9x5 Bathroom

Brett_HAugust 1, 2013


I'm in the process of remodeling the 9x5 guest bathroom and I'm a little stumped on where to find a suitable vanity and top.

The vanity will need to go into a corner of the room and will need to be 30" or 36" long to fit the space. The problem I'm running into is that all of the vanities I seem to find in home improvement stores have some kind of detail work on the side which means it would not sit flat against the wall and I'd have a gap between the drywall and the edge of the vanity.

Even if the vanity were perfectly flat, it seems that vanity tops are typically sized 1" wider than the base, giving a 0.5" overhang on both sides. I don't want this, it needs to be flush so the vanity can butt up against the wall without leaving a gap.

Surely this is a common problem, in older homes, but for the life of me I can't seem to find a good solution that doesn't involve custom (and thus expensive) cabinetry and counter tops.

Any suggestions?



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You might want to talk to the cabinet folks in one of the big boxes and custom order a cabinet base without those edges to fit flush. The show models are more stand-alone thus the extra trim.

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We had a similar problem. A custom counter top would have been too expensive so we had to cut into the wall. So the countertop is a little in the wall and we tiled around it. It looks fine. We are doing another remodel. This time I got a remnant of quartz and am having the top made.

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depends on your budget....
I ordered a cab from HD. same ordering process as kitchen cabs. and then I topped it with a granite remnant.
both items are built to fit.
I think mine was 32" wide and the cab and granite were about $500 each.
you could probably find a cheaper counter material, but I wanted granite.

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You can get bathroom vanities without detail work on the sides. You can also mount the countertop so with no overhang next to the wall, and a 1" overhang on the free end; this would be a prefabricated countertop. You can always go for a custom countertop, which the granite shop would cut to any measurement you wanted. The custom counter might be less expensive than you think if you can find a remnant in the granite yard.

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We replaced the sinktop in our powder room. We went to a stone fabricator and got a granite remnant with porcelain sink. The base cabinet is 24" and granite is 25" wide.....the 1" overlap is on the side that's not up against the wall. We live in a rural area so the guy drove 45 miles to measure beforehand (said he had to since things often aren't square) and then came back a week later to install. Granite, sink and install were less than $300. Pfister Ashfield faucet was extra. I need to paint the base cabinet some day.

Another option is to get a solid surface (ie Corian) sinktop. There are lots of different sink styles available.

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I have this Restoration Hardware Hutton 36" Vanity and I don't think the top overlaps much if any. I didn't snug mine quite to the wall, but I think it could be. It does have legs, so I'm not certain if that's something you wanted. Alternatively, you can find a vanity you like that has a flat side and have a granite or marble top cut to fit.

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