Winter White Table

oldalgebraDecember 14, 2010

I've joined Kathleen's Winter White Party.

At the end of my post you will find a link to the many tablescapers who have joined in the party.

(Kathleeen's table is one of the prettiest!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Winter White Table

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OA, that is one frosty looking table, I love all the sparkly glassware with the white lights. Those elevated cloches are simply to die for. Great job.

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Absolutely beautiful. So mesmerizing. Love It !!!


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Soooo Beautiful!!!

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Beautiful. The plates look like my Lenox setting. I thought I had tired of it, but in that setting...time to bring them back out.

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OA, I love this Winter White Table! Everything on it is just beautiful. Love the red ribbon and greenery on the candles. The little cloches are wonderful and have just the right touch of color for this table.

The sign and little book behind it are outstanding. You are so talented and this may be my favorite table of yours. Who'd a thought white could be so beautiful. I will have to go check out Kathleens. I'm sure it's wonderful too.


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Just absolutely beautiful and such a creative idea to do the pictures to the song. Wow! I love how you did the lighted garland down the middle along with the candles, and those cloches are fantastic. What a great find the little napkin rings were too, and your china is so pretty and elegant. Excellent, excellent job on this one!

I'd better go look at Kathleen's blog and see her's and all the rest. Who needs sleep anyway when there are pretty tables to look at???? LOL


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OA...Absolutely STUNNING!
1st...Love the "punch" at the end of the song! Your Mom & Dad? Great pics! Love how you set the "tone" using that "Ill Be Home for Christmas" song.

2nd...the BOOK! Another great pic in your story...& that "Let It Snow" dynamic for a "white" t'scape...SNOW!

And then, the table itself...white, silver, with touches of red & green ... lights, sparkles, stars, silver balls, crystals, snowflakes,etc. etc., perfect for kathleen's Winter White Party!...add in your elegant china, stemware & linens...a real WINTER WONDERLAND! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great song to use & so fitting with items you used. Elegant! I was misty eyed too, my guy has been gone 25 years now & so long ago & yet seeing this just a little while ago. Thanks for the memories! Jan

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Wow, OA...
that pretty much left me speechless. That song always touches my heart, and you did it so beautifully with your "picture words"!
The table setting is just gorgeous.

hugs, Karen

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Yes, Denise, the table was just beautiful!!

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just stunning - the words to the song just made the whole blog come alive. I am in awe of how it can touch our hearts - great job. Table setting is awesome TFS .....


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You might as well just send your pix to me as you update your blog, since it would save me the trouble of doing it myself. All your tables are SOOO wonderful!

Of course I can't capture the wonderful images you evoke with your "staging"--the song lyrics are so sweet and you have touched us all, I think. Beautiful job.

- Magpie

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So Beautiful!!!

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