genesMarch 1, 2013

You have recently asked several questions in a like number of posts about one product or another..People are taking the time to offer you advice, but, I dont not see you come back to them with a reply to let them know that you have read their reply and either will or will not follow that advice..or, if you are having specific problems that is making you ask about registry cleaners or about driver updates

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TulsaRose, Tulsa OK

genes, you do realize that several of the posts made by Goldy were just yesterday? Just saying....

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I have taken great pains in saying "thankyou" each time I get help.If it were not for this website I would be in deep trouble.Sorry if you have missed my "thanks".Please dont' write me off I need all the help I can get.I have been a menber for over 12years and I have been grateful and thankful for all the help I have recieved.God bless you all.

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Goldy I do not think it is so much about a thank you. It has to do with wondering if advice given helped solve an issue.

We get lurkers on all forums, these are folks who may not feel comfortable posting themselves, or they may not even have a problem but learn things from other help requests. But coming back to say a given fix worked or did not work is of enormous help to them and in fact to those who offer help.

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Goldy, it's not the "thank you" people are looking for, although that is appreciated.

We want to know if the advice you get here is working for you and fixing your computer problems!

Please come back here and tell everyone if their suggestions are successful for you or not.

Oops! Posted at the same time as Owbist...but the message is the same!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Agree we are happy to help and a thank you is nice but what is really nice is if we find out we have helped solve the problem or not and if not we can try a new option.
I posted on several of your questions and I suggested you please put WOT on your browser to help you not go to those unsafe sites and also I suggested you install spywareblaster to protect you and you have never come back at all to reply one way or the other. I am suggesting these things to Help you, keep you safe. Because the sites you were asking about are known scam sites, often just visiting such sites with a pc that is not fully updated is enough to infect the pc with a drive by infection.
I am a senior also and I do understand taking patience and time and it is not as easy as it once was, we are doing that but please do your part to and at least let us know if what we are saying is going to you. This is not a warning or a scolding it is us asking you to please let us know what is going on and if you need more help let us know what is working or not.

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Spyware blaster they ask me for pay after the free run.I'm not sure what to do next.Please guide me.I was taken in by another company who had me sign up for 8months without me knowing anything.Asp

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

no it is totally free I explained how to get the free version in my post to you on your thread. when you go to the LINK I provided on the other thread, you click the green download button, it takes you to the next page there you will see on left it says continue with free download, and to the right the option for free trial of pay version . Stay with the left continue with download, you don't want the trial version.

I also gave exact instructions on installing WOT on one of your threads.

I will never give suggestions of programs that require any payment with out warning of that.

Please go back to your other posts here and read those for my information.
let me know if you have questions.

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Everyone is on point and I agree with them. However I have to ask, with all these questions about system utilities and such what is your goal and why? Is something wrong with your system? Are you looking for the best prophylaxis? Are you just trying to learn? All the above?

Politely,but straight to the point plain and simple without any tap dancing around:


Stay away from all registry utility/cleaner applications and any commercial (pay for) applications.

For the prior, the potential bad far outweighs the chance of any potential good, and for the latter there are most often FREE applications which will do a likewise adequate job.


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Trying to fix and still trying to learn.

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