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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and PaintingMarch 16, 2013

For months now I have been going back and forth with apple people with this problem, I cannot get to the iTunes store. I keep getting these messages
We could not complete your iTunes request. An unknown error occurred(4002)
Then when I click on the store button
iTunes has stopped working, bla ,bla
Anybody know of a fix?

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It's unlikely any participant here could offer more help than what you got from Apple's Tech Support. Other than suggesting an uninstall and re-download of itunes (which is a standard thing to do when a program isn't working right, and which you've likely already tried ), I have nothing to add.

Do you have a different computer you can use for your desired itunes store activity?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that maybe somebody had the same problem and found a solution. Guess not. I did all they asked with no results

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