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p.ball2July 30, 2012

Hi! I have been posting over in the kitchen forum for a bit but figured I would try over here with my vent hood question since this subject is so foreign to me.

We are getting a bluestar 36"RNB with six burners. We will have a 42" wood hood. My "appliance guy" has recommended the following two hoods

BEST model PK2229 or PK2238. The first is 29" wide and the second is 38". He said he felt the 38" would be the better choice. Would the 29" even work? what happens with all the space around it?

Also how are BEST brand hoods?

Thank you for any input ahead of time.

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Hood should be at least the width of your range - even better to be a bit wider.

I have a Best by Broan 48' K260A48SS and would buy again. It has stainless baffles and variable speed blower control. We installed it with a remote Best 1200cfm blower and it is very quiet. The only negative thing with the hood is the lower grease tray is fixed and has the baffle springs so it can not be removed for cleaning. The actual baffles are very easy to remove and clean - you just need to wipe the grease tray instead of being able to remove it.

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Where I live it is code that the vent hood must be equal to or wider than the cook top.

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okay, that makes sense. SO we should go with the 38" version. It has 1000cfm max and variable speed. It says the grease catchers are removable and dishwasher safe. Not sure about the grease tray. I will have to look into that.

I am not going to do a remote. I hear it is quite a big box on the outside of the house and noisy on the outside. Our neighbors house is quite close and I think they would have some thing to say about it. We are on an outside wall so there is a short distance to travel as far as venting to outside.


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You're getting an insert? Usually what happens is that the rest of the space is filled in underneath with stainless in such a way that it creates a funnel toward the narrower insert.

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Yes, it is an insert for a wood hood. Sorry if I am not clear but the whole vent hood mechanics and specifications are not second nature to me. I think I need to go with the 38" since I remember hearing somewhere and them was reminded when Fun2Bhere posted that the hood needs to be the same width or larger.

I will have to double check with our builder- he should hopefully know the answer about the township codes.

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Please note that the PK2238 you cited has mesh filters, not baffle filters. It is a better choice to have baffle filters like Racmrc mentioned above. Mesh filters clog quickly with grease and loose efficiency. Baffle filters do not, though of course, baffle filters need to be cleaned as well, but you will not have the rapid decrease of efficiency with baffle filters that you do with mesh filters.

The decision typically comes down to budget, since baffle filter hoods almost always cost more. Best makes hood liners with baffle filters, but then you need to buy the blower separately. That does allow you to choose how much cfms you want (i.e. less or more cfms than the 1000 cfms of the PK2238). You could spend in the neighborhood of $500 more for a Best baffle-filter insert and blower. That's your decision, but I wanted to give you the input you requested.

Also, make sure you talk with your GC about the exhaust duct for the PK2238's 1000 cfms. The specs say it requires an 8" duct. If you have a smaller diameter duct than 8", you will get decreased efficiency and increased noise through no fault of the insert. So, make sure you have an 8" exhaust duct installed.

Best insert PK2238 with mesh filters

Best Hood Liner with Baffle Filters, blower separate

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Sorry, for the delayed response. Thank you. That is good information. Hard to swallow spending $500 more. If we can clean the mesh filters in the dishwasher but just have to do it more often I am okay with that. I guess the question is are they hard to remove? and do they really get clean in the dishwasher?

We presently do not have a range hood at all. Yes, we are in a VERY old kitchen and there is not even a vent hood! It will be a completely new duct. Thanks though I will make sure they get the size right!

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I got a Kobe hood. I don't know if they make inserts, I'm afraid. I mention this only because my hood would work with 6, 8, or 10" ducts. 10" is better, of course, and since they were new ducts, that's what we put in, but it's good that the Kobe can be flexible. If Kobe does make inserts, check them out. I'm happy with mine. It has baffles, it's easy to clean, and it's quiet. I ordered mine online from

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