Electrolux Counter Depth Refrigerator

furnitureshopperJuly 10, 2013

Does anyone own an Electrolux counter depth refrigerator? Would appreciate your thoughts. Considering base model french door, probably EI23BC30KS. Trying to avoid potential problems; local appliance store has several reconditioned higher model Electrolux refrigerators being sold "used" with no warranty on the ice maker. Obviously not buying one of those! Has this problem been fixed or will I at least avoid it by only having an ice maker in the freezer? Rebate is only available until July 13, 2013 so I have to act fast if I want one. Thanks.

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I have model EI23BC35K, which is the base model with ice/water. Link below. So far we like it very much. You can see further comments on the thread below regarding LG fridges, but we did have one service call after install to adjust the door. Years ago IIRC they did have ice maker issues, but I thought those had been resolved. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can comment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EI23BC35K

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I have owned this fridge since 2010 (or its immediate predecessor). EI23BC56IS is the model I have - counter-depth, IQ-touch, French Door with dispensers.

I like the fridge and it functions well except I have experienced two issues (one big - one smaller):

1. My ice maker has broken 3 times. Each time E-Lux paid for the repair (including the third time being outside of warranty). However, it also appeared to me that each time they were trying to fix a true product defect (i.e., swapping circuit boards, sealing the ice unit, replacing motors, etc.). The third-repair has seemed to work as I have had no further issue -- so maybe they have this worked out. That said - I do find the ice maker to slow in dispensing, and easily jammed up with ice. The ice maker also often makes odd noises -- but at least it works now.

2. The other issue is that the freezer door sometimes does not shut completely (usually caused by user error - with the freezer being over-stuffed and the upper try coming off its track and jamming the door). The issue is that the door shuts just enough that the open door alert does not go off. Just be careful to make sure that the door is shut.

I have the E-Lux DW, double oven and gas cooktop as well. The Fridge would be the one item I would not recommend given the issues I had with the ice maker (and I think many others did too).

See the Amazon link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon reviews

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I don't think Qwiklap's second issue is exclusive to E-lux. My KA FD has a temperamental freezer door, too. In fact, all of the doors require thinking about them when you shut them. You can't just shut the doors and walk away, you actually have to wait and look at them to make sure they shut completely. While it does have a door alarm, it doesn't go off if a door is only slightly ajar. And even when the alarm it does go off, it's not very loud so you have be be fairly close by to hear it.

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The freezer door, sadly, was my service call. It didn't tilt in enough at the top and wasn't sealing. It was dripping water down the sides. Also, yes, the top drawer slides off at the least provocation. You have to be careful what you put in the bottom. And sometimes it scrapes ice out of the ice maker when it opens. The ice falls in the bottom and eventually slides out into the kitchen floor.

Yep . . . perhaps I could have made a better choice.

Still, I did upgrade from a sixteen year old Frigidaire side-by-side with a dead ice maker, with seals that were peeling off so I guess everything is relative . . . ;-)

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Love my elux CD fridge
I had a valve issue which effected the ice maker and door initially but has been fine for 3-4 years. It keeps food in great condition!

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Also, furnitureshopper, those Electrolux rebates have been rolling up every other month or so, so I expect you will see it again. I would not rush to make a choice you might not love.

That said, I actually DO love mine. I've never had a fridge without issues.

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As of today, I'm preferring Electrolux to JA, because of the pull-out drawers. They seem sturdier.

Its very difficult, as Refrigerator. reviews likes the GE Profile, CR likes LG and Kenmore. I think buying a D/W is much easier.

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I just ordered the EW23BC85KS (which has external water an ice and an additional ice maker in the freezer drawers. The companion model w/o water and ice is E123BC80KS, (no internal water but does have an ice maker). Both have a $250 manufacture rebate available when purchased with American Express which runs thru Nov 1.

I like the upgraded features on the E'lux in general and the Wave Touch in particular. The doors and drawers are all very sturdy and I preferred the fit and finish to the KitchenAid. I really didn't want external water and ice, but the family council hath spoken! So......

In the end it was between the E'lux and the Liebherr. The Liebherr was an initial 2K and does not offer internal or external water in any model I considered. I loved the look, the fit and finish, and the dual compressors, but I just couldn't pull the trigger price wise, even though my dealer was willing to give me a very good price.

I did buy the extended warranty, hopefully I won't need it.

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I have the Elux CD with external water and ice since Jan 2013. It's great, no problems. I have the wave touch (the one where the icons are always there). Water tastes so good, no leaks.

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We have the Elux CD with the ice maker in the freezer. We love the FD counter depth. We went with the Elux because of the flexibility of the shelving on the doors and inside the main compartment. Also, the freezer has sturdy drawers not wire baskets.

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