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luis_prMarch 20, 2013

I need to send my pc to have it worked on and was wondering if there is a software package to password protect my business files with. Dell PC with Windows XP Pro. Or is there some other way to do that?

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You could:

1) put them in a zip file with a password, or
2) copy them off to a card or external drive (you should have important files already backed up anyway), or
3) buy software that password protects files or folders, or
4) don't worry about it.

Under both 1 or 2, I believe "deleted" files are actually not really deleted, the files are still on the drive but have been removed from the directory. PC techs have software that can read "deleted" files. There are other programs you can get that obliterate such data.

If it were me, I'd do 2 and 4. Most things that people think of as private/confidential needing security are usually of no interest to others.

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Any software out there that will password protect folders?

I tried to search under "password protect files" and just got too many hits. Tried looking in PCWorld & Cnet too but got the same problems,

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I tried this out once.. seemed ok but a hidden folder works best for me.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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PKponder TX

Depending on what work is being done, I would exercise caution with protecting files or at the very least, inform the tech that you have done that. An inaccessible folder might be construed as some sort of infection. If Windows is to be reinstalled, your files will be overwritten, so a backup is a must.

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