Where to put the laundry room?

karenschaeweJune 15, 2012

1967 ranch house:

Sorry for the fuzziness, it's a scan of a copy of a copy of a copy of the original builders' brochure.

Currently the laundry is in the basement by the steps. The bedrooms are aaaalllllll the way at the other end of the house so it's a long trek back and forth with laundry. I have thought is 3 options so far and would like throw them out there for some feedback or other ideas.

1) build a laundry chute by the bedrooms. Gets the dirty laundry downstairs quickly but it would drop at the far end of the basement and we would still have to haul clean laundry back up the steps and schlep it thru the kitchen, dining room and hall back to the bedrooms.

2) move the laundry to the 1st floor near the bedrooms. This would be my first choice if we were building but I cannot figure out how to squeeze it in that part of the house.

3) move the laundry to part of the planned wet room which will be off the family room in space stolen from the garage. Still have to schlep laundry from one end of the house to the other but it eliminates dragging up and down steps.

We are 40ish with 3 kids (6, 7 and 15) and plan to live here for a long, long time. Our oldest has special needs and the wet room is primarily for him.


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Laundry first floor near the bedrooms, even if it infringes on bedroom/closet/hall space.

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What is the room to the right of the kitchen?

I'm a big fan of laundry being near the bedrooms. Ours is in the bathroom now & we plan to do the same in the new build along with a closet for our day-to-day stuff.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'd not put it near the bedrooms but on the other side.

. for the times when someone is sick/napping/laundry being done late
. because during the day when I'm doing laundry, I want it near me to tend, to hear the cycle stop, the dryer stop, etc. and that's near the kitchen, not the bedrooms

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I know a LOT of people on GW agree with putting the laundry room near the bedrooms, but I tend to put laundry in to run in the evening and at night and both my DH and I are light sleepers so we didn't want it too close to our room!

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Melaska - that is the dining room.

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As another poster said, most people are fans of putting the laundry by the bedrooms. However, I want the laundry room by the room I'm usually in while doing laundry, which is the kitchen. I'd rather take it back and forth to the bedrooms than run back and forth to the laundry room each time I have to switch them out. Good luck!

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What is the little room that looks like maybe a coat closet next to the hall bath and the foyer?

I would might try to put it there. And, then move whatever function that space has to another part of the house.

Would a stacked laundry be acceptable to you?

And, how big are those bedrooms?

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Other possible options.

1) Turn that closet that backs up to the front bathroom into a tiny laundry room with a stacking washer/dryer. Might be relatively easy to do b/c plumbing lines would already be in the wall. This spot would be close to the bedrooms for ease in putting stuff away but far enough away that you could probably run the washer/dryer without disturbing anyone who was sleeping.

2) Slice a slightly larger but still small laundry room out of your living room like this...

Without knowing any dimensions it's hard to say for sure, but your front bath has to be at least 5x7, so the red square is at least 5ft x 6.5ft That's large enough for a washer and dryer to sit side by side and have room for a small clothes folding shelf next to the door. Whoever sleeps in the bedroom next to the laundry would need to either be a sound sleeper or you don't do laundry when they're asleep.

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Putting it in that closet that backs up to the bathroom is a perfect spot, because it's still near the kitchen but obviously close to the bedrooms.

I've had stacked washers and dryers three times and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Two moves ago we stole half of a bedroom closet to put a stacked unit in the upstairs hall near the bedrooms, and we loved it.

I actually think stacked are easier on my back with the dryer above. And they come with pretty good capacity nowadays.

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Depending on that closet's size, you may not even have to have a stacked set. It could potentially be expanded to the left, and taking out the opposite closet for your entry to dining/kitchen. And, then building a reach in closet on the backside of the laundry hall closet for jackets (on the dining room side).

Anyway, that is where I'd look to put a laundry closet.

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I'd take out the pantry and the little closet next to it...and make that a laundry. Side by side washer and dryer, with cabinet/shelf space overhead for detergents, etc.

The pantry shelves can be moved more easily than the washer and dryer...so I'd have a nice pantry area (one wall if possible) in your wet room and maybe a small one off the dining room. Can you change that large hall closet, so the door faces the hall and the back would be shallow shelves (with doors) facing the dining room?

Also, you can have more pantry (less used items) and freezer space in the basement or garage. Depends on what works better for you and if you plan to park your vehicles in the garage. Hope that helps :)

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