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JBGBJuly 17, 2012

Have been checking around for ways to squeeze a beverage center into our still-evolving kitchen layout, & came across a (new, I think) group of shallow-depth residential units manufactured by Perlick. I'm posting also on the Kitchens board; wondering if anyone has seen, heard of, or used any of these, or anything else made by this co.? Haven't heard of them (just entering the wonderful world of appliance shopping!), & they're not cheap to put it mildly - UC 24"w 18"d bev ctr is $2049 @ AJ Madison - but any thoughts would be welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick Shallow-Depth Bev Ctr

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That is about the "Best" you can buy, just make SURE!!! it is the model wtih the variable speed compressor, otherwise it's just like any of the other "common ones", SZ, Electrolux, Marvel----etc etc.

Why the model with the variable speed compressor?
Quiet, better temp control (try driving your car with on/off switches for the accelerator and brake pedals, rathen than the "variable controls" the car has now.

There is a poster here in GW that has access to "Deals" on the Perlicks, --- hopefully they will post here.

In the "Interim" do a search at the BOTTOM, of the main appliance page for Perlick, to see what has been posted so far, and maybe the "Poster with the Deals" post will be in what you find!

Good luck on the hunt! I have the Electrolux, more than 5 years now, it's been reliable, keeps temps well but is no where near as quiet as my Jenn-air Fridge which does have the variable speed compressor---noise is not objectionable, but unlike my JA, I can hear it if I listen for it, but the JA has never been heard to run in the 6 years I've had it now!


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I have two Signature Perlick's and it is possible to hear them, but one wouldn't normally do so unless the room is otherwise quiet. However, both of these units are 24 inches deep, so I can't comment on shallower units.

One is a 15-inch wide wine reserve (55F), the other a 24-inch beverage center (43F) (one shelf of which I have replaced with a wine shelf). I use the beverage center at the high end of its temperature range for ale and white wines. The various Perlick units differ in the temperature ranges that they can be set within, and also the spacing between the shelves. The refrigerator is the coldest.

Note that the glides for wine racks and regular racks are not interchangeable, so don't mix them up.

These units have very high quality stainless steel surfaces, inside and out. Mine use wood overlay doors and they are embedded in cabinetry, so the steel is most visible when the door is open.

Even top models are not without areas where improvement can be made. First, a scheme like that used by SubZero to set the height of the rear levelers is needed. Otherwise, alignment requires pulling the unit multiple times for adjustment if the floor is not smooth and level. (The floor under mine is tile.) A second area is the installation directions. I thought that that they could be more plainly written, more thorough, and clearer.

So far, operation has been flawless.


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We are hoping to install the shallow depth fridge under our breakfast bar to store soft drinks, but haven't been able to find a local dealer who has one in stock that we can check out. Like you, we are very limited on depth and would like to be able to see one to in person to make sure there are no gotchas in the installation. We will also be putting the Perlick 15" refrigerator drawers in my island to store baking related items.

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Also note that the doors have to be able to open past 90 degrees to get the shelves out.


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Thanks for all the info - reading your posts made me realize how lucky I was to have found GW! Dodge 59 (Gary) & kaseki, great to get those specific details & actual experience. Akrogirl, good luck w/ the search & congrats on your progress - look forward to hearing more!

And, indeed, I'll have to train myself to search GW first, BEFORE posting questions...

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If the local search engine does not produce expected results, it is also useful to use Google advanced search of the site URL: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums


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A helpful hint, kaseki - Thanks again!

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