Kohler Mendota or bellwether tub

maysfAugust 29, 2013

Please help me choose a tub. I have been researching for a tub and need to buy now as our contractor will need it in 2 weeks. We have 3 kids age 8 months - 6 yrs, this will be the only tub in the house, other two baths have shower only. We like kohler villager, great for bathing kids, but want them to bath in it even when they are a little older. My kids are tall like my husband. Does anyone have Mendota and ok with little kids? Bellwether is cheaper, easier to step in and out. Is it ok to bath in it for bigger kids and adults?

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You must be talking about the Bellwether 837 which is 60x30. It is the one I have. The Mendota, I'm not sure about as I had taken it off my list for some reason or other.

The other Bellwether 875 is 60x32. But because of the slanted front it is very short bottomed and people have complained about this fact. Also complained about the need for an extra long spout as the drain hole is 12" from front end to drain, instead of the typical 9". The Bellwether 837 is more of a standard type tub. Not as tall as the 875, instead it is like the Villager.

My tub is a bit narrow, but I have been taking a bath in it daily for many months as I am remodeling my other bathroom. It has been fine. I would not want it as my soaking tub if I wanted one. The reason I put it in is because I want the utility of having a tub in the bathroom that it is located. I liked the long bottom at almost 49" I think, the very tidy styling, and the shallow water fill at 9". I needed to keep a tub in the house for grandkids and the family needs. I think it would be a great looking shower/tub combo. The plumber liked the straight inside sides, as a safety feature when stepping into the tub.

My Bellwether 837 :)

Closeup showing the straight front (no slant)

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