Not Flagstone or Blue Stone due to co$t then good option?

pbx2_gwJune 8, 2012

What are some good but still decorative & durable material to use for a terrace/patio?

Out builder say Blue Stone would cost about $2k more than just aggregated cement.

Can you suggest options & associated prices please?

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We just used limestone, but that was pricy too. How about pavers? Pavers are probably a bit more than cement, but are durable and look much nicer. I also used pavers recently and chose the Belgard brand.

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Our terrace is brick. In our neck of the woods, it is probably cheaper than stone.

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Sophie Wheeler

2K isn't really a big upcharge for stone over concrete as long as it's stone mortared over a concrete base. It's a bargain, in fact.

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Sounds like a bargain to me too - particularly bluestone which is more expensive in the south than flagstone by quite a bit. Brick is cheaper than both. We did bluestone on the front and brick on the back terrace and the brick turned out fantastic. I may like it better than the bluestone ;)

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What about stamped concrete?
Is that any cost savings to be had there while still getting visual bang?

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We just had the same dilemma, except our upcharge was more than yours. We went with stained concrete and then had them cut the stress lines in as a diamond pattern. I am so happy with it - it's concrete but it really doesn't give that off at all. I'm surprised how pleased I am with it! I was expecting to be kind of ho hum about it hah.

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