Electrolux Icon High Speed Oven - Microwave - Regrets!

amsol4513July 29, 2010

We recently built a house, so we had to buy all appliances. I thought that I really did my research and due diligence, but boy am I disappointed with my Electrolux Icon high speed oven / microwave. The unit was installed in late January, and about 3 weeks later, the right side closing hinge latch mechanism started to lean to the left. My husband said that the screw inside it did not look like it fit properly, so he tried to tighten it. That lasted about a week and then it started coming apart again. Because the hinge was not perfectly straight, it would bash against the microwave when you tried to shut it. We had a service man come out. He asked me why I chose this brand, because I have a Subzero fridge and Bosch dishwasher, and I told him that it seemed like a nice product. He told me, in a round about way, that Electrolux is trying to compete with higher end names, but they basically are cheaper appliances made to look fancy. He ordered a new plastic casing around the door, because it snapped when he tried to tighten the latch. When he came back to install that, he used glue to tighten the latch again. Yes, gluing a screw for an $1800 microwave. Guess what, latch is worse now than ever. We need to push it aside with a butter knife while closing the door to get it to shut. He ordered an entire new door, so hopefully it will have a latch that is properly attached. On top of all that, you can't even make microwave popcorn in it. I've tried about 10 times, and it will come out with half the kernels unpopped and the rest are black. I followed the instructions in the manual, but no luck. We also have a single Electroluc Icon oven below it, and that appliance seems good so far. My husband is ready to call our appliance dealer and tell them to rip it out, but it is built in to our new cabinets, so we are just praying that the new door will fix our problem.

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The "serviceman" they sent does not really inspire confidence. Unless you have a properly attached door, microwave ovens are dangerous. Unless your door is perfectly aligned and closes tightly prior to operation, you machine should be disconnected from the power supply and red-tagged until it is fixed. You are dealing with a personal safety issue here and it is not something to be fooling around with. Call the dealer and tell him he has one more chance to get this thing fixed or you are sending it back.

Once the door is fixed, while the tech is there, put in some popcorn and cook it according to the mfgr's recommendation, likely just dialing in the microwave popcorn preset. If it doesn't do at least as well as a $98 Home Depot job, send the thing back in the back of the tech's truck.

Don't worry too much about the hole in the wall. There are other, better, speed ovens available that will likely fit with a little persuasion! ;-)

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I've had the Same Elux Speed oven for over 4 years now. About 6 months ago, the handle did start coming loose.
I downloaded the parts manual for it and I saw the 2 screws were under the front cover. I was gonna fix it but DW says "You have nuff to do--call somebody to fix it"
So I did, it took the guy 15 minutes at the most to remove the front cover, He added lock washers to the screws and it has been fine since then.
This is our most used appliance, we even used it to boil water, etc when our "Fancy cooktop" took a dump and went to the dump (not an Elux). I use it to make toast, bake potatoes, roast turkey legs, as well as the usual MW duties.
We have been very happy with it, and as far as "we're" concerned, there is not a better one made.
Yep the Miele will broil and the elux won't but we have never even used our full size Elux Oven for Broiling or its
predassor either.

We do our grilling & broiling outside, and as some folks have mentioned, You just can't beat one of those infrared broilers and we have that on our BBQ.

We did see a complaint about popping corn in a speed oven, I'm not sure it was an Elux speed oven, the problem was resolved (wasn't the speed oven as I recall)--but I can't find that post for ya now.

I don't ever recall seeing a problem with the Elux Speed Oven, other than your post so I would not be too hasty to "write it off".

So, while I respect my "Dear Desert Friend's" advice, not sure I would "Throw in the towel" just cause He says so!


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So Gary, how does the Icon speed oven do microwave popcorn? Have you tried it?

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I've never popped corn in mine, texaskitchentoo, but I found that "thread", I mentioned in my earlier post here.

I had offered to buy the same type of popcorn the user was having trouble with, but as you will see from the thread
that I linked below,---that another poster beat me to the "punch"--(er Pop I mean), and solved the problem.
Stange thing that poster did, They read the Operating Manual (LOL).

Anyway, Here is that thread!


Here is a link that might be useful: Popping corn in an Elux Speed Oven

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A little late adding to the thread, but... I pop popcorn all the time in my Electrolux speed oven. You just have to be sure to use the right plate or dish under it. Just follow the manual, and it works great!

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