had a difficult virus to find, I understand...

ilmbgMarch 27, 2012

I finally took the Mini to a computer pro.

I had had a 'techy' work on it, which made it worse!

I went to a recommended place, and I guess it took awhile to find the virus.

Now I seem to be fine, although I tried several times today to get on Gardenweb;computerhelp without any luck...

Question: Because I do not do any banking, buying online, I dont worry too much about somebody getting any info.

If I ever decide to do so, does it make sense to buy a ip proxy? Does it really help so that you dont get ID stolen online?


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Proxy service .. hmm .. I like secure things, but I don't like Proxy servers. The free ones anyhow. Unreliable & Slow.. plus who's in the Cache looking around at my logins or capturing my credit card info from there ??/

Maybe before doing that, investige the available router security, if you dont already have one, consider that they make it darn near impossible for someone with your iP to touch your computer on the home LAN side... & look into OpenDNS.com for some added free security, that maybe speeds up your browsing while stopping you from going to some of infected sites. .

Here is a link that might be useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server

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I second the suggestion of Open DNS. It is free, and if you read about it, you will see that numerous libraries, schools, etc. use it. I have it installed on my router and also on my laptop that I take when I travel and use public wi-fi.

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