Unfinished punch list advice

JMphotoJune 25, 2012

Hi Everyone, I need some advice on an unfinished punch list. We had horrible dealings with our builder as some of you may remember. Well, I am still dealing with it. We moved into the home mid September. I am still owed a couple things. A re-do on the poor/sloppy stucco job on the back of the home, a repair on the tub that scratched during install and a breaker that keeps popping. I have left numerous messages for the builder and sometimes I get a call back, sometimes I don't. He always gives me the usual stories that the sub for stucco is tied up on another job etc. I don't have money for a lawyer and the cost of what he owes me is maybe a total of $5000. I was just going to go and file a claim with our local district court. I have all things documented including a running diary of dates and times of phone messages, emails etc. Any advice? We are coming up on our one year warranty, so I wanted to get it taken care of by then.


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Depending on your local small claims court rules, this may be a case for small claims court. (I think my local limits are $7500, yours may be similar.)

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Well you can take him to court and wait a year or so to have the guy who either a) did a poor job to start with or b) pay someone else to fix it correct keep the receipts and have him pay you the money back. Chances are you will not see the money nor if he did that lousy a job to start with you may not want he nor his subs back to finish. And if he is ordered to do so by the court I doubt he will do a good job on the punchlist since he will not want to be there to start with. Again not saying what he is doing is correct or ethical but if he were ethical he would have finished long before this

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What about his Bond?

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File a claim with the better business bureau.

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