Question about Perlick C-series compare to Signature Series

philwojoJuly 19, 2012

I am considering a C-Series Perlick Wine reserve, and I am looking for feedback on it compared to the Signature series. Is it worth the price increase to move up from the C-Series.

My wife and I drink wine, but don't really "Collect" wine so to speak. We have a few really nice bottles, but most of what we drink is meant to be enjoyed now or soon after purchase rather than stored for long periods of time.

Do you guys feel the C-Series will be sufficient, especially if I can get it at a very nice discount?


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Phil, our wine drinking/storing is much like yours. We rarely store any for the long haul.

We purchased one of the C-series wine reserves (24" wide to hold 40-45 bottles) a couple of months ago. We had wanted the Signature series because of its variable speed compressor -- which is supposed to do a better job of holding the temp and is quieter. But we got a good deal on the C-series. It's done a fine job of keeping wine at the desired temperature. We do hear the compressor when it starts up (something that is supposed to be absent from the Signature Series). BUT, the wine reserve is in a hallway around the corner from the family room/kitchen/dining room, so we don't always hear it.

Having said that, we knew we were getting the "noisier" version. And the sound is relative: for example, the refrig makes more noise when its compressor starts up; I find the fan on the TV more annoying!

So, it probably depends where you are going to put the wine reserve whether the extra cost is worth it. But as far as storing wine, we've been quite happy with the C-Series.

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Thanks Kashmi, I appreciate the feedback. They have one in the "Factory seconds" right now and it is about $1,000 off the normal price, not sure I can pass it up for that and for how we drink and store our wines. I have an older freestanding wine fridge now, but is is 15 years old and is from Sam's club so not very high end. We are hearing the compressor kick on and off on it and since we are remodeling the kitchen we feel it might be a good time to replace it and go with a built-in.

I think we are going to go for this one since I know Perlick is a great brand and even though it has a "Dent" on the back corner it will never be seen because it is built in.


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That's where we got ours! Also with a dent in the back. You're exactly right: you'll never see it. Great guys to work with, BTW.

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So glad you contacted them!!

Hope it all works out for you


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Thanks Bee, I actually just put in the order today for the C-series in the factory seconds area, so we pulled the trigger, technically the first appliance we have bought for the new kitchen!

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And there is NOTHING wrong with the wine fridge being first on the scene and having to be tested during the reno...even if it is plugged in in the garage or another room.

; )

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