Washer/Dryer Platform

drjoannJune 21, 2010

We will be getting a new washer & dryer, both front loaders and we would like them raised above floor level. We can buy the matching pedestals which aren't cheap & we're not likely to use for storage. If I want to avoid bending over when putting clothes in & out of the appliance, I'm not likely to want to bend over and lift out large containers of laundry detergent, etc.

I suggested to the builder that he give us a quote on just building a platform to set the W/D on. Am I asking for trouble doing this? Is the washer likely to vibrate off the platform whereas it has some kind of locking device to the matching pedestal?

Thanks - Jo Ann

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We had a carpenter make a platform for our washer and dryer, both of which are front loaders, and haven't had any problems with it at all. He used birch plywood and reinforced the center with a 2 x 4. I painted it the same color as my door and window trim in the laundry. Total cost was $40, a far better deal than what the two pedestals cost that we could have purchased with the appliances.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yup, the cost of the matching pedestals doesn't match the functionality, for me, given that we wouldn't use them much for storage. I'm glad to know that a platform is an inexpensive solution.

A light bulb went on for DH & he realized that the platform would work very well as a place to hide the ductwork for the dryer. The HVAC guy agrees so they are taking the specs from the W/D and associated pedestals and working it out. What I like about the platform (besides the cost) is that it isn't quite as specific to the particular appliance.

Thanks - Jo Ann

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We are hoping to do the same. I'm wondering how tall you are planning to make them. We are installing cabinetry above the machines, and don't want to get too close to that.

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wear_your_baby: the manufacturer's pedestals that I looked at are 15" tall. This put the top of the particular washer I'm interested in at 52". Compare this to the typical 54" for the bottom of kitchen upper cabinets.

HTH - Jo Ann

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Think if you want to use the tops of the washer and dryer for folding clothes, too.

Our carpenter built platforms that put our set 42" above the floor. I'm 5'6"; this works for me. (I also raised our laundry sink to make it easier to wash our Westie.)

The idea of drawers-on-the-floor seemed useless to me too. LOL

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Jo Ann,

We did ours 8 years ago at 13" since my wife thought the 15" was a little tall for her. We tiled the top surface and the front to match the floor in the laundry. We were very happy with the result and have not had any issues with it.


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We had our cabinet maker build our shelving. I wanted storage for sorted dirty clothes baskets. I love the set-up, but in hindsight would make them deeper to allow more room for the overflow basket below the washer.

I have 4 kids and LOTS of laundry, so I also wanted room for clean clothes baskets. (Pictures taken BEFORE we moved in. Wish it looked like this now.)

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Crazy  Would you mind telling me the dimensions of your clean basket cubbies?


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Crazy - I would also like to know the dimensions of your clean basket cubbies, as well as your laundry room. That is exactly the laundry room layout we are looking for.

Any regrets, besides making them deeper?


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Sorry for not responding before - just seeing this post now.

The clean clothes cubbies are each 17' wide x 13 1/2 h x 23 1/2 deep. They are perfect, but I did make sure I could find baskets to fit before finalizing the plans. My baskets are narrower and shorter than most.

I really like the spots for sorting the dirty clothes under the washer and dryer. As mentioned before, I would make them with plenty of room for the drain pan. It's a great set-up.

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We had an elevated platform built for our washer and dryer. I believe it is about 6 - 8 inches high, and is tiled just like the laundry room floor. I needed the tops of the machines for folding, so I didn't want it too high. Crazyhouse - I love your cubbies! Wish we had room for something like that!

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Crazyhouse: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I saw your configuration for clean cubbies in an earlier post and requested it in my new build. We are two weeks from moving in and I can't wait to use them. We also have a laundry chute depositing in an upper cabinet above the clean cubbies.

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It's a great idea, but do you really have no problems with the washer moving around on your wooden platform?

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I hope you've researched the front loaders. I've had mine for about five years and several of my friends do as well. I have the pedestal bases and really like the height of the W&D, but never use the bottom storage, and yes, very pricey to save my back! However, as soon as this W&D bite the dust, I will never buy front loaders again... and my friends feel the same way. The washer seems to take a lot longer to wash a load, the whites don't get as clean (ie..makeup on a washcloth), and my washer door has to be left open or else it smells moldy. Maybe they are better made now than they were five years ago. BTW, mine are LG. A couple of my friends don't have bases and use the tops for folding. I think having bases build is a great idea, not to mention the money saved.

Crazyhouse, I love your laundry basket cubbies! What a great idea for families with kids still at home.

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caiquemom - I really do not have any issues with movement. The washer is a Samsung and they are in there pretty tight, so I don't see how they could move too much if they did. Additionally, mine is now sitting on/in a heavy duty pan that could be screwed into the platform if I did have problems with them moving around. My cabinets are also very sturdy.

Thanks for the compliments. So much love for a laundry room. :)

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