Thank you for builder/staff?

illinigirlJune 17, 2014

Not sure if this is appropriate or not. I mean, I know we paid them a lot of money, but then there are the other staff that work for the builder like the cabinet designer, interior designer, etc. They all put in so many hours with us to get the details right.

Is a thank you (gift or note or both) appropriate in this situation? Sent to the builder office in general, or to individual staff members who stood out to us?

What do you do to thank your builder for a job well done (knock on wood, we aren't quite done yet but we are looking at a few short weeks away)?

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I've bought lunch for my builders a few times. Just pizza or whatever when I know they've put in a lot of work. Some closer to completion I plan on grilling out for them. Small tokens of appreciation go a long way

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We brought coffee & donuts and beer (lots and lots of beer) to the subs as they built the house, but we didn't give the GC a gift. We figured the enormous amount of money we "gave" them at closing was sufficient!

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I provided donuts or cookies for my cabinet installers. Then I realized there were a bunch of people in the shop who actually built my cabinets, who I never saw. So when we were finished, we brought a big box of chocolate-covered potato chips to the shop (and the owner didn't put them out until the installers had left for the day).

I'm a big believer in showing my appreciation.

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I will make gumbo for the major subs when we move in.

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My framers are finishing up this week and I want to do something to show my appreciation for all the hard work they have done over the past 2 months. They were so willing to move walls over, change little things here and there, but mostly they were just really good people to work with. I'm thinking of getting them all a gift card for a restaurant. I've already sent over lunch and brought them donuts. They are the crew that is there the longest for our home.

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