new keyboard took over

breenthumbMarch 13, 2014

Just got a new Lenovo H520 PC with w8. (I read about Classic Shell which makes Windows 8 run like XP so decided to give it a try. )

Won't have time to set it up right away but the keyboard looked interesting, so I unplugged mine and plugged it in. "New hardware, blah blah" popped up on the taskbar (down near the clock). OK, but from there on I could get to forums but not open posts for a while. Trying to use the GW search function brought up all the files in my computer and insisted on helping me find what I wanted. And then, when I did try to type anything, the cursor flashed but nothing showed on the screen. Or it took a letter and went off to another screen.

Don't need help with those things, at the moment, but need to know: Is this what I must expect now? My old keyboard is a keyboard. It does what I tell it to do. It doesn't "think" I'm looking for something when I search.

I'm amazed and wondering if I even want to take the rest of it out of the box. Seriously, thanks. Sandy

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no classic shell make W8 run like W7 not XP

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That's good too.

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Working fine on the new computer, now.

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