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funvbJuly 24, 2014

I have read a lot of comments regarding induction ranges. I am planning on buying an induction range, I would like to stay under 2000.00. I am looking at
KIRS608bss- aqua clean has issues
wfi1910hoas - aqua clean has issue
EI30IF40LS ?
Samsung ne597nopbsr bad service reputation
Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am leaning towards the Electrolux.

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Not only can the KA/Whirlpool ones not do a real self clean, there have been reports of excessive cooktop noise not present on other makes.

I have the Electrolux wave touch induction slide in (EW30IS65JS). It's only been installed for a few weeks now so I can't comment on long term reliability, but I can say that the performance of both the induction cooktop and the convection oven is top-notch. I would assume that would also be the case for the IQ touch freestanding model you're considering.

I would either get Electrolux, get Frigidaire which is made by Electrolux but less expensive., or consider GE.

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Until two weeks ago, I would have recommended the Electrolux. It workED great for three years in my beach condo. It got very light use since I am only here for about three months a year and there are just two of us. Friday, two weeks ago, I got a beep and the dreaded E15 error. It has been a nightmare. First the oven control board was replaced. When that didn't fix it, the touch panel was replaced, the only one available in the USA. E15 still flashes and beeps. A third electronic board that allows the control pad to communicate with the oven is on order before the extended warranty company will consider a replacement. I was told by the repair supervisor that he was not sure they will want to replace a 3 yr. old stove. "Then why did you sell me a five year extended warranty?" I asked. Just go to Amazon and see all the complaints with this same issue. Once I can rid myself of this now useless stove, I will look at the new Bosch slide in induction stove and change my user name on this sight. (I still love my Electrolux washer and dryer.)

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The Bosch is unproven. Do you really want to risk the same thing happening again? I would go GE if you're trying to avoid Electrolux.

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Yes, hvtech, the Bosch is unproven, but the GE has not been around too long to produce the issue I just experienced with the Electrolux induction. By the way, the tech replaced the last board and the stove still flashes E15. They are now in the process of fighting with the warranty company to get a replacement. I will do some more research on the GE and the BOSCH. The Electrolux was a beautiful appliance and I will miss its spectacular cooking performance and features. If Electrolux can improve its quality, they will regain my confidence, but to last under three years is unacceptable.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Well, I have a one year old Kitchen Aid. There may be a little noise, but not bothersome to me. Also, I'm puzzled with this self clean thing. Just wipe it with the dish cloth. It's clean! No problem cleaning mine, and I do a lot of sauteeing and frying. It might be out of your price range though. Not sure what we paid for ours. We bought an entire Kitchen Aid appliance package when we remodeled, and got a better price on everything at Pacific Sales.

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If I'm not mistaken, Bosch has been making induction ranges for many years. They simply never bothered to design one for the US market, because we are so technologically entrenched. Induction is the standard in many parts of Europe. So far as Bosch's technology, I know of no induction equipment that is better engineered. Certainly their US induction cooktops are well rated. When we were preparing to reno in February of 2013, I called Bosch and begged them to sell me one of their induction ranges. They told me that they had no plans to sell one in the US, as there was no market for it here.

So far as the Whirlpool, my sister has it and loves it. Four people in her household have been cooking on it pretty much nonstop for at least six months now. It is a trifle noisier than my Bosch but after 5 minutes of using it, I don't hear it. It is about the level sound one would get from standard gas burners, but a mild hum rather than hiss. So far as the oven cleaning function, I thought that for their induction unit, Whirlpool had gone away from that weird steam cleaning system or (or whatever it was) they had previously marketed, and returned to the old fashioned kind? Am I mistaken?

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MizLizzie: The Whirlpool branded unit with the double ovens can do traditional self clean. The ones with one oven only do the AquaLift. Also, the vast majority of Bosch appliances sold in the US have nothing to do with the ones in Europe except for the brand name. They are made in a completely different factory and of a completely different design so we can't infer anything based on their offerings in other markets. Bosch ranges are made along with the US market dishwashers in New Bern, North Carolina.

desertdance: Good to hear yours has worked well. If you search the forum though there have been many complaints about both those aspects of the range including a YouTube video where one of their cooktops was making a clearly unacceptable sound and Whirlpool told the guy it was normal. Better be safe than sorry with this stuff.

electroluxor: The GE has been out about the same amount of time as the Electrolux - 2010 I think? Certainly enough time to identify issues. As always, some have had problems but overall the reviews seem to be better than the Electrolux.

I bought the Electrolux because it was available on Craigslist locally new-in-box at a price I could not pass up. I hope that nothing big goes wrong with it in the near future, but even if it does, and even though parts are expensive, I repair my own appliances so I can keep costs down and not have to worry about being left for months without a stove due to incompetent technicians misdiagnosing and companies being stingy with warranties.

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GE: 13 months now of perfect cooking and baking. Love the warming drawer... and keep warm 5th burner...and ease of keeping clean... and lack of cooking heat (like from gas)... and instant control. Need I say more?

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Follow up, I bought the Electrolux Induction Freestanding Range with Induction Cooktop and IQ-TouchTM Controls. I bought this 3 months ago (Aug 2014). I love it. No problems with the cooktop, It cooks wonderful. I love how fast it heats up and no problems with any noise(hissing or humming) from the cooktop. The cooktop is easy to clean and no issue with burnt of food marks. You do need to use the stove top cleaner or else its very smeary looking. The oven works fine no problems. It does take a long time to preheat, which is a common complaint. from others. I would recommend this to anyone..

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