New refrigerator won't stay cold

semily24July 23, 2012

I purchased a Samsung RSG257AARS last month. I set the fridge temperature at 34 degrees, but it won't stay there. The temperature gets to 34, but then 2-3 hours creeps up to nearly 50 (measured with both a thermometer and a candy thermometer placed in a glass of water placed inside). When I press the temperature set button on the front it has changed to 46 degrees. If I set it back down to 34 the same thing happens over and over. I called the Lowe's service line and Samsung replaced the unit. The new unit is doing the same exact thing! What could be wrong??

The freezer stays consistently at the set temperature.

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Here's a crazy idea.
Your fridge may be set to "Display Mode"
Which is used on a showroom floor to demonstrate the features of the fridge without fully powering up the entire unit.
Check your operating manual to see how to set it back to "Normal Mode"
Failing that, I'd call or email Samsung for a solution.

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I did check that, and it's in normal mode. I've called Samsung and they set up a service call (which takes about 2 weeks in my area). This isn't a known issue. It's just seems so odd that it's happened with two units in a row...

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Google Samsung RSG257AARS reviews, You will find several folks with the same exact problem as you, so not so sure it isn't a "Known Issue".

Good luck , with it!


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I have the same problem with mine. I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel and so I just bought a counter depth GE to replace my Samsung. I've heard that Samsungs have 2 compressors so the fridge can go out while the freezer is fine. This is what happened with me. Hope you find out the reason.

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34 F is pretty low for a refrigerator (and way to high for a freezer).

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Brickeyee, that is what I think most SZ keep the fridge at, the colder the better for food in the fridge from what I read, but I could be totally wrong on that or be remembering incorrectly.

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The Samsung does not use two compressors a la SZ, Liebher, and Miele.

It uses one compressor and 2 evaporators, actually a more efficient design (as long as it's working).

The following was taken from the AJMadison Website,-- description of the features of the Samsung and how they work.

"Twin Cooling Plus, the next generation of Twin Cooling technology.
Uses two evaporators with only one compressor to independently control temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Soooo, the problem with the fridge will be either in the valve, or the control for same (Including CPU board) that controls that refrigerant to the evaporator in the Fridge.
Since the freezer is fine, the compressor and it's associated circuitry is ok.


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