Christmas Pics #2

slinkeyDecember 16, 2010

Sorry I haven't responded to post #1...I've been

running around (last minute) prob just like the rest ofyou, and will respond later today after more shopping!

Here's a few more pics that I wanted to post these last night..but ran out of steam.

Kitchen Scale..I bought this in an old barn in Pa..back in the early '80s...( you see what I see?)

Sofa Table with some old toy collections. I ususally set them up on my white hutch..but did it differently this yr..The old noise makers are from my Father's Family. They started celebrating with them every N/Y eve, after WW11 when 'the boys' came home. I was lucky to receive a box of them.

My youngest DGS loves playing with the nesting Santas..he's the last in line to do this..the 3 before him have lost interest....(baby stuff) lol

There's usually a game table in front of this kid friendly cabinet that DH's filled with his collections - and toys and games he's made..Also the game boards to the left on the wall..In the drawers and in those cabinet doors, are The kids love sitting at the table that's there playing those games.

I displayed old Christmas pics on it..

DH's Nutcracker Collection ALL from CTS and collected over many yrs..when we stayed in Cape Cod ea summer.

Small Desk in FR..The print is an old Christmas Card that I've kept..The little guy reminds me of DGS #2 when he was that age.

Thanks for looking..

I'm so far behind this yr with everything...not enough hrs since the Gkids are living with us...I'll be back to respond to post 1 and 2...and will have more pics to post too.


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Jane, so glad I came here this morning to see more wonderful decorations. Your old scale is awesome and I do see what you see! So touching to see you found a special place to hang your ornament.

Love the look of that shelf in the background with all your tureens on it. I'm just lovin' all these old toys this year. Wonder if DS would like it if I brought some of his

The sail boat with your nutcrackers is so pretty in this picture. Thanks for showing a close up. We might jump in Jeanne's taxi and pickup PM and the rest of the gang and head over to join you for a cup of tea so we don't miss any of your beautiful decorations.

Picture perfect job on your desk. This should be in a magazine. Hope that truck doesn't make a quick stop and loose the Christmas tree! Santa on the horse, old print and lamp and candle light. Who could ask for more in this photo. Beautiful decorations again this year.

G2G to work now.


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Jane, your decorations are always so tasteful and just perfect. Magazine quality for sure! Your home is so nice, just love all the wonderful cabinets and know your DH built some of them--lucky you! You have some wonderful collections, and it's so neat that your DH has some as well. Your home looks ready for the winter/holidays and just picture perfect.


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Wonderful decorations, Jane,you do such a great job. Everything looks so charming. I love that cabinet your husband built. I'll be back later to look at your displays again.

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Your whole house looks like Christmas! That is the look I am striving for (but have so far failed to attain)--the integration of the holidays into the decor. So warm and inviting...

The nutcrackers are wonderful. And every vignette--just like we say so often--looks like a magazine picture! It's cold here--34 degrees, and I'm off to play tennis this morning (brrrr!). But looking at your beautiful house tour has just warmed me right up!

- Magpie

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jane, I love how you've used the old toys in your vignettes...& those nesting dolls, there just must be something about of my smallest GS's played with the Easter bunny one I had for a long time!

That hanging scale is just a fantastic piece! Love how you're using it in your decor!

And the game cabinet (here it's the Hoosier cabinet on the porch)...your DH built a wonderful one for your home..I can imagine the time spent there with your GK's with you now.

Great Nutcracker collection of DH's...beautifully displayed! Everything looks wonderful! You've created such a festive home for celebration! Hope things slow down for you for a bit...take care & TFS! Jeanne S.

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It looks like it is straight out of Country Living magazine!

I need to "borrow" the tree in the back of the toy truck idea. I have a wooden red and green toy truck I found at a TS and it needs that look!

It is all just perfect.

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Jane, I commented on your post #1, your entire house screams cozy, warm, wonderful Christmas.

I can so relate to you, I have 3 grandkids living with us this year that I am helping my son raise & this year everything seems to have snuck up on me.

Tried to finish up shopping today, do NOT want to go out to the stores on the weekend, but today wasn't much better, the stores & parking lots were packed.

Needless-to-say, I did not find everything. BAH HUMBUG!!

I am seriously thinking of cancelling all the people invited for Christmas day & cooking hotdogs for us!

I just don't know where I'll get the time or energy to put on a big Christmas dinner & entertain!

ON top of everything else, one of my female Shih Tzus is in labor right now! Gosh, I really can't afford a nite with no sleep!!!!

I hope your stress level is less than mine, at least your house looks beautiful!!

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Thank you everyone...loved all your sweet comments.
I'll have to make this a fast response to all since I've been out all day doing last minute shopping..Yachter..I didn't have much luck either..
so I'm right along with you.
Then tonight, DH & I spent the whole evening at the hospital. My Dad had a bad fall and broke his hip..When it rains it pours! right?
Well...I'm not lookin forward to what's to come..but
will have to face it 'head on'.

Thanks again for looking and liking it all.


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You do such a great job, Jane. ALL from CTS, wow, you should send them a pic of that display!
Saying prayers for your dear dad! And YOU!

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