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anjalitAugust 28, 2012

Does anyone have experience with Moen faucets? We are looking for single handle faucets for a trough sink for our boys, and have found the ROthbury by Moen, but I am not sure of the quality of these faucets. We were also goin to use the double handle faucets for the guest bathroom. Thanks for any help!

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I bought all Moen when I redid my bathroom. The rest of the house still has the Moen from the original owner/builder. I am very happy with the quality and with the customer service I got from Moen when I had a question. I bought my Moen mostly from a local plumbing supply house but also from some online sources.

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I have two Kingsley high arch faucets and they're great. I haven't had a single problem. The installation is interesting, but seems to be very high quality. I love the look as well.

I also have a Moen Kingsley tub/shower valve and trim. I have had an issue with the temperature control, though I have not yet had a plumber out to diagnose since we do not use the tub/shower frequently.

Overall I would still purchase Moen, especially sink faucets.

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Annie Deighnaugh

When we were building, we asked the plumbers and they all said buy only moen or delta. We didn't listen and in 2 years we've had to have all of our sigma faucets pulled out and replaced, some more than once. We have now replaced them with moen and are very happy.

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Another vote for Moen - my plumber said to get them because they are reliable and if there is a problem, parts are readily available. I have Moen all through my house and have no issues with them.

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We have moen in two of our baths - 9 1/2 years and no problems. That's with three kids - one who used to grab onto the faucet and use it to pull himself up on the counter. They still look and work they like they did when they were installed.

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Moen is very reputable and many builders install them in new construction. Replacement parts are available almost anywhere and often can be DIY installed. Our house (1996) still has several of the original Moen's in use. As far as I know, all Moen faucets use a cartridge and your children will not have issues.

Double handle - not certain that Moen has them for basins but they do as Roman Tub fillers. Again, have one still in use.

We've been updating our vanities and using Kohler double-handled faucets because the style is more to our liking. These use a ceramic cartridge which is also considered reliable.

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We have installed the Moen Kingsley set in our just-remodeled master bathroom - faucets, towel rods, t.p. holder, shower, grab bars. It's a very handsome and sturdy design. The faucets are single handle and work perfectly. Both our plumber and our GC commented on how well-made the pieces are.

BTW, the Moen Kingsley t.p. holder is a new design, very clever and so simple. The bar that holds the paper swings up, you remove the old roll and slip on the new one, and swing the bar down and it clicks into place. No more springs rolling across the floor and no way the paper roll can slip off. Why did it take 100 years to figure this one out? : > )

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